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Webike SRC Kawasaki France Team at the FIM EWC Opening Race


■ Race: Bol d’Or 24 Hours Endurance
■ Circuit Paul Ricard / France
■ Date: September 21-22, 2019
■ Team: Webike SRC Kawasaki France
■ Riders: Jérémy Guarnoni, Erwan Nigon, and David Checa
■ Team Manager: Gilles Stafler
■ Result: Qualifying: 2nd place, Final: Retired

Waging battle in the top position at the early stage of the final race!

Webike SRC Kawasaki France (SRC) started at 3:30 Pm from the No.2 grid in the middle of the rain, from the opening of the race “TSR Honda France”, “YART” and other regular teams are both competing for the top position.

The rain that had been falling since the start of the race gradually became stronger and the passing wind and showers were judged to be dangerous, and the race was interrupted 3 hours before to start the race start. Many have waited for the weather to recover, but the weather did not recover at all. The race restarted at 6 am the next morning due to the high risk of resuming at night.



Delayed by the restart, changing tires, and dry road surface!

At 6:00, the race resumed with 2 SC cars leading the way. In the early stages of the race, the SRC team is competing for the top spot with the TSR Honda France, YART, and Wojcik Racing Team, but they gradually slow down from the top due to the poor compatibility of the chosen tires and the dry road surface. At the 16 hours elapse time, we are in the 4th place. At 17 hours elapse time, it dropped the ranking to 8th place, and it became a severe development that requires patience.



Raging recovery and consequences of the impact!

At the beginning of the restart, the team struggled and they dropped off an 8th place for 1 hour, but as the road gets dry the SRC gets back to the original speed and begins to chase up the rage.

However, immediately after that, the “TSR Honda France” which running the from top position, the engine blows and a large amount of oil leaked into the course. Erwan Nigon, who was riding just behind after the impact of oil, fell to the ground. There is no big damage to the machine “KAWASAKI”, it was raised and while trying to restart, the “YART” machine which was falling under the influence of oil like Erwan was rushed into the machine.

The impact caused by the 2 machines to ignite causing a large fire engulfing every crash pad in the tract. This unprecedented accident forced the SRC to retire.



Team Manager Gilles Stafler Comments

The team was 2nd place in qualifying, and both the riders and the crews were doing a good work throughout the race week. Even in difficult conditions, we were able to control the race well.

However, I felt bitterness because of the unfortunate accident happened. Fortunately, it is a blessing in disguise that Erwan, who was hit by accident, was safe. It was a disappointing result, but there’s no choice, it’s a part of the race.

However, our team will not give up the championship and will continue to fight for the title with our new team Webike and Moto House, a strong partners who have joined the team from this season.


Director Ryuji Tsuruta Comments

It was the first race to start with the new joint Team SRC Kawasaki France. The difficult conditions of the weather after the start and restart didn’t bother us, and we keep racing with a strong view to the top. It was a great race, a great champion team. However, it was a disappointing result because of the accident. I was very surprised when the burning machine was shown on the monitor, but it was really good that rider was not injured.

We were forced to retire due to an inevitable accident, and it was a very disappointing result. But, this is a part of the race. The season has just begun and I changed my mind. I’d like to go and get good results in the next race.

Thank you to all the fans who always supporting us, including the sponsors, and all the people involved. Thank you very much.




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