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here is an original series written by Webike staff. Webike is from Japan and we get tons of brands whether from japan or not, but actually there are some Japanese brands that non-locals may not know well. We really don't wanna see you guys miss out on any of all the great stuff available to you or your bike just because you don't know the brands. We update articles of "BWK" regularly, so stay tuned.


Obsessed with KATANA

OHNO-SPEED produces original parts mainly for Suzuki's famous "KATANA" and GS series. All of the parts are made with the know-how of a famous tuner, and are of high quality and sturdy construction. They have also been making custom parts for the current KATANA.


Even a single screw

OHNO-SPEED is in business for metal fabrication and repair. They only accept GSX-S's for full vehicle customization. If customers bring in parts individually, OHNO-SPEED can also do special work such as metal processing and welding repair.


For single parts processing and repair, they handle any type of vehicle, including titanium, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, and cast parts. OHNO-SPEED also has a wide selection of original parts, for any size of work or even a single screw.



OHNO-SPEED customizes parts exclusively for racers according to their needs. By modifying the stock swingarm to take advantage of its lightness and strength to match the steel frame, customers can achieve a body balance that surpasses that of aftermarket swingarms.


OHNO-SPEED also make one-off swingarms, but in general, if the swingarm is made of a cross-sectional material, the weight will be more than twice that of the stock swingarm.


The strength of the swingarm is also 1.5 times the strength of the main tube of a steel frame model, so the frame needs to be strongly reinforced. If you don't need that much strength, or if you only want to modify a part of the frame, or if you like the high precision of the stock parts, this is the best choice for you.



GSX-S Maniac Exhaust System

The exhaust system is completely designed for enthusiasts.


The length and shape of the silencer respects the stock. The exhaust pipe is a single layer winding, so it is composed of a light weight that is far from the stock form.
The lightness of the exhaust system. The oil filter and oil drain bolts can be accessed without modification, and a center stand can be installed.


It is worth noting that the stock silencer with the exhaust pipe is difficult to remove, but since it is separated from the exhaust pipe, only the silencer part can be easily removed. The end of the silencer is also reproduced as the Rencon type. OHNO-SPEED has also traced the difference in head height and silencer angle between the 1100 and 750, so the 1100/1000 and 750 are separate parts.


The sound is a perfect reproduction of the stock sound, and the performance itself is added with modern technology, so even just prepping the bike from idle will produce an amazing tracking performance.

Hybrid Main Harness

A limited number of units are produced annually, and an exclusive color wiring diagram is included.


A main harness kit made using the same manufacturing method as the stock. This is a strengthened version that improves on the weak points of the factory kit, and incorporates two accessory power circuits and a service circuit for professional mechanics.

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The product has been developed under real-world conditions, crash tested with serious injuries, and underwent a long development period. The front engine hanger is rubber-mounted to reduce unpleasant vibrations during riding and to be gentle to the frame. This product protects the body and crankshaft in the event of a fall. The engine mount is made from a 40mm thick ingot and is very strong.


Japanese long-life rubber bushings are thickly inserted to reduce vibration and damage to the frame. The slider section has aluminum ends, which greatly reduces the sliding distance in the event of a fall. This minimizes the damage to the body.

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Below I would like to navigate you through all the compatible parts of OHNO-SPEED by models.

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