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Fellow motorcyclist friends,
here is an original series written by Webike staff. Webike is from Japan and we get tons of brands whether from japan or not, but actually there are some Japanese brands that non-locals may not know well. We really don't wanna see you guys miss out on any of all the great stuff available to you or your bike just because you don't know the brands. We update articles of "BWK" regularly, so stay tuned.


Pioneer Spirit

Established in 1965 as Tomimatsu Iron Works, the company name was changed to BEET JAPAN INDUSTRIAL FACTORY in 1973. Developed the first domestically produced rearset (Z1), created a new custom parts market, the Cafe Racer, and as a pioneer of the rearsets, it still produces about 150 types.


In the same year, BEET introduced NC lathes and developed its own aluminum casting wheels for motorcycles, and began marketing them as the first custom wheels made in Japan. In 1994, NASSERT-RR, the world's first motorcycle silencer to use 3-dimensional foamed ceramic, was developed and put on the market.


Looking back on this almost sixty-year history, there is no doubt that BEET has made a significant contribution to the Japanese motorcycle parts market.



The BEET-RACING team was founded in 1976. In the 1985 Suzuka 8H endurance race, BEET RACING (GPZ750R NINJA) ran the whole distance in the 22nd place, privateer best grade. That's already a great achievement, but they didn't stop there.


BEET-RACING (ZXR400R) won the victories in the endurance race for the 1989 Suzuka 4 hours and the 1990 Suzuka 6 hours. This serves as the first in history two-year continuation 2 class domination. In 1996, NASSERT titanium exhausts were officially adopted by the Kawasaki Works Team for the Works Machine Superbike race, contributing to the team's excellent results.


High-technology returned by craftsmanship.

Some people lament that craftsmanship is being lost because in this high-tech age where even the performance of an engine is dependent on computers. It is true that creating special parts that can only be found in one place in the world is a skill.


On the other hand, it is also a great skill to provide a stable supply of high quality parts to as many riders as possible. Of course, clear technology needs to be supported for it.


At BEET, there are high-tech machine tools introduced prior to the maker, and this was made possible. A craftsman's skill is evaluated, and stable supply is carried out so that many customers can enjoy a highly efficient and quality product more reasonably. Many products are also born under the policy of such BEET today.


As users' selection criteria become more and more stringent, BEET continues to compete on substance without being drowned in brand value.



The exhaust pipes have been sculpted by a 3D bender to maximize the beauty of the curves, and are heat-finished for a beautiful color appearance and stain resistance.


It achieves high performance with flat characteristics from low to high RPM. Exclusive pillion KIT and silencer bracket are included for an aggressive look.


By using a classic style round silencer, the shell length is 380mm and is made of clear titanium. Compared to the stock weight of 11.6kg, the system weighs approximately 6.2kg, a 46% weight reduction. Oil and oil filter can be changed with the exhaust system installed, and the optional center stand can also be used.

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Universal racing silencers which also matches the naked type.

  • With a pulse cone construction for straight exhaust and a captivating racing sound.
  • The silencer shell length is 380mm and is available in clear titanium.
  • The center pipe size is for φ60.5, but can be used for φ54 or φ50.8 by using the conversion adapter (sold separately).

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Evolution TypeII


Same shape silencer as used on Kawasaki Works Team Green (ZX-10R)!

  • Pulse cone construction for straight exhaust and a captivating racing sound!
  • Silencer shell lengths are 300mm, 350mm, and 400mm, and are available in clear titanium, blue titanium, and metal black.
  • Center pipe size is for φ60.5, but can also be used for φ54 and φ50.8 with a conversion adapter (sold separately).

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Below I would like to navigate you through all the compatible parts of BEET by models.


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85b7844bfe58c284d7c59daac5.jpgHAYABUSA 4461c8499faed8e9332053c8c8.jpgGSX-S1000 042b15b8531b085d7871a6a4cc.jpgGSX-R750