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Fellow motorcyclist friends,
here is an original series written by Webike staff. Webike is from Japan and we get tons of brands whether from japan or not, but actually there are some Japanese brands that non-locals may not know well. We really don't wanna see you guys miss out on any of all the great stuff available to you or your bike just because you don't know the brands. We update articles of "BWK" regularly, so stay tuned.


Obsessed with KAWASAKI customs

First enjoy a few photos.


These gorgeous bikes are from BULL DOCK, a motorcycle customization and tuning store focused on the Kawasaki Z series. Certainly, they also make aftermarket parts for HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, but if you mention this brand to Japanese riders, then the first thing they associate it with will be KAWASAKI customs from BULL DOCK.


I am not sure why but it seems that many veteran manufacturers customize classic KAWASAKI bikes, and most of them became famous because of this. This may also be an interesting phenomenon of Japanese mortocyle culture.



GT-M (Genuine Tuning Machine) is a complete machine proposed by BULL DOCK. Each GT-M is created based on a deep knowledge of classic bikes and high-precision technology, and is created according to the customer's needs. Each customer has different tastes and ideas about customization, and the costs involved are different. In order to meet each customer's request to the maximum extent possible, BULL DOCK takes into consideration the customer's desired ride quality and style.


The GT-M is the symbol of BULL DOCK, breaking the concept of classic bikes and embodying "the best customization". No two GT-Ms are the same, as they are fully custom-made to meet the needs of their customers. This serial number is the proof of the quality. When the bike is delivered, a serial plate is attached to every GT-M, and every bike is individually managed. BULL DOCK also has a complete after-sales service system in place.

Fully equipped factory


BULL DOCK factory is one of the largest and most well-equipped custom stores in Japan, and they do almost all of their work in-house, including machining.They also offer a wide range of services including customization, restoration, repair, and vehicle inspection, mainly for Kawasaki Z models.


For engine, they offer tuning and overhaul services based on the principle of "engines that can be ridden comfortably for a long time". However, BULL DOCK has introduced special machine tools such as "Vertical Boring & Milling Machine (YZ)" and "Precision Valve Seat Refacer", and they are operated by skilled craftsmen. Although it may take some time, they are able to produce trouble-free engines by performing the entire process from machining to assembly in their factory.



Win Mccoy Exhausts

Win Mccoy Neo


The "Win Mccoy NEO" racing silencer is the result of BULL DOCK's unique know-how and technology, which has been used on many classic bikes over the years. The Win Mccoy NEO is an excellent product that achieves smooth acceleration and draws out the full power of the engine, as well as the racy style, sound quality, and form when installed on the bikes.


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Win Mccoy Z


BULL DOCK has been obsessed with the Z, and they were not satisfied with the aftermarket exhausts that are currently available, so they pursued the ideal exhaust and completed the ultimate exhaust "Win Mccoy" through repeated trial and error during development. The most important part of the exhaust is the bass sound that will satisfy the Z riders and will not make them feel stressed when riding. This is a "Z exclusive exhaust" that has been created without compromise in every aspect, from the beautiful finish to the details to the performance.

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The Lavorante is a lightweight wheel with excellent performance, safety, and design. Made by forging, the Lavorante is designed to be lightweight and strong, bringing many benefits in terms of behavior such as turning, acceleration/deceleration, braking, and fuel economy.

Forging Methods

Lavorante boasts high reliability. It conforms to JWL, the safety standard for light alloy wheels in Japan. In addition, the manufacturer's own in-house standards are also added to support accuracy and safety.

Spoke Design

Spokes are very important in wheel design, as they increase the rigidity of maneuvering and absorb shocks from the road. The spokes of the Lavorante are designed with a good balance of cross-section, thickness, and number of spokes without losing any of the performance.

Design & Analysis

Design and analysis are carried out using 3D CAD and analysis software. This process is repeated to bring every possible factor to the best state, including the design, processing method, weight reduction, strength, and elasticity intended by the engineers. Uncompromising design and sufficient reliability. This is the first step in wheel manufacturing.

Weight reduction

Reducing the weight of the rim directly leads to a reduction in rotational weight, which in turn reduces the gyroscopic effect. This is an important factor that affects the vehicle's dynamic performance. Lavorante rims are not only light, but also durable enough for practical use due to the variable rim thickness and rib configuration. The front hub part is an attachment system, and the inside of the hub is machined to a lightweight specification that is difficult for machine tool blades to reach.

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Below I would like to navigate you through all the compatible parts of BULL DOCK by models.


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20fe121c59c09287b4fc8e1787.jpgGSX1100S KATANA 85b7844bfe58c284d7c59daac5.jpgHAYABUSA 0cebb902e87b473a45c57a1d29.jpgGSX-R1000