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Fellow motorcyclist friends,
here is an original series written by Webike staff. Webike is from Japan and we get tons of brands whether from japan or not, but actually there are some Japanese brands that non-locals may not know well. We really don't wanna see you guys miss out on any of all the great stuff available to you or your bike just because you don't know the brands. We update articles of "BWK" regularly, so stay tuned.


TOP SPEED 385km/h

I'm sure most of you have seen this video before but you can watch it again.

This was in 2015.12.30. JARI High Speed Test, TRICK STAR Racing modified Kawasaki H2R with an original custom exhaust and challenged the speed of 400km/h. The result was an unprecedented 385km/h for a production bike. The actual speed was 352.99 km/h. The rider was RYUJI TSURUTA, the president of Trick Star.


By the way, TRICK STAR conducted a top speed test with the 74 horsepower rear axle ZX-25R turbo spec just two weeks ago.


From a great racer

Ryuji Tsuruta is an indefatigable racer who has experienced numerous setbacks as well as glory. He is now the manager of his own team, TRICK STAR RACING. His racing philosophy is "racing for victory", "cool racing to be envied" and "racing for the next generation". In addition, he will further enliven the motorcycle industry through the sales of motorcycles, various services and original parts development.


After working as a KAWASAKI Factory rider, he won KAWASAKI's first domestic title in 1990. He won the domestic series title twice, and competed in the highest GP500cc class on a HONDA NSR500. At the same time, he competed in the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race with Freddie Spencer, who won the World Grand Prix title, and finished 4th. In 2000, he started his own team, TRICK STAR Racing.

Webike TRICK STAR Racing

In 2000, the team debuted at the 7 Hour Endurance Road Race, where they placed 5th, and in 2001, while participating in the All Japan Road Race on a spot basis, they placed 5th in the series ranking. In 2001, the team made a spot entry in the All Japan Road Race, where they finished 5th in the series ranking, and in 2002, they began challenging the Suzuka 8 Hour Endurance Road Race.


In 2020, Webike SRC Kawasaki France TRICKSTAR was formed as a collaboration between TRICK STAR Racing and SRC Kawasaki France, a prestigious EWC team. The team was sponsored by Webike.



The factory Kawaski team are going into 2022 with fresh assets: a ZX-10RR 2022 with electronics developed for endurance racing and a new rider line-up comprising Randy de Puniet, Florian Marino and Etienne Masson.


The 2018-2019 FIM EWC champions Webike SRC Kawasaki France Trickstar are revving up to go after the 2022 title. The Kawasaki #11 will have the means to fight on an equal footing with the other factory teams. Their machine will be equipped in 2022 with the same Magneti Marelli electronics as some of the top teams.


With real racing specs

TRICK STAR PRODUCTS were born from a simple desire to create and provide products that real riders truly desire, by keeping the rider's perspective in mind.


This is an original brand born from such a simple idea. They are proud of the quality of their products, which have been created without any compromise by active racing riders who have won fierce battles on the track.



IKAZUCHI, Japanese word which means thunderbolt. TRICK STAR's IKAZUCHI exhausts are at the forefront of the global battle. The experience, ability, and knowledge gained from top category racing is brought back to the hallowed Japanese factory and fed back into each product.


From podium finishes at the Endurance World Championship, to championships at the Asia Road Racing Championship, to the highest speed trials, TRICK STAR's challenges continue. The power of IKAZUCHI is unmistakable.


  • The ultimate shape derived from analysis of all the conditions required for a silencer.
  • The most rational shape allows for the deepest bank angle of any silencer, and boasts aerodynamic characteristics that overwhelm all others.

Sensual Sound

  • It produces a sensual exhaust note in all registers, from low to high.
  • The IKAZUCHI has a large capacity that far surpasses the visual impression, and although the volume is controlled, a deep bass roars out. The internal shape of the exhaust, which is like an excellent wind instrument that leads from a circle to a hexagon, echoes high temperatures as the engine revs up.

High Performance

  • The ultimate outline and well-calculated internal structure ensure absolute flow speed at high rpms and extremely thick torque at mid to low rpms. It provides smooth engine management in all RPM ranges and delivers the highest performance of any silencer in existence.

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Below I would like to navigate you through all the compatible parts of TRICK STAR by models.


CBR1000RR.jpgCBR1000RR cbr250rr.jpgCBR-250RR model03.jpgCB400SF


ZX-10R.jpgZX-10R zx-25R.jpgZX-25R Z900RS.jpgZ900RS


R1.jpgYZF-R1 R6.jpgYZF-R6 MT-09.jpgMT-09


HAYABUSA.jpgGSX1300R HAYABUSA gsxr1000r.jpgGSX-R1000 katanajpg.jpgKATANA