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here is an original series written by Webike staff. Webike is from Japan and we get tons of brands whether from japan or not, but actually there are some Japanese brands that non-locals may not know well. We really don't wanna see you guys miss out on any of all the great stuff available to you or your bike just because you don't know the brands. We update articles of "BWK" regularly, so stay tuned.


Start from wheels

To create world-class racing wheels!

The development of GALE SPEED began with this concept.


GALE SPEED is a brand which belongs to ACTIVE. Until 2002, the mainstream aftermarket wheels were forged magnesium wheels designed for racing but too expensive for street riders. Therefore, GALE SPEED aimed for a price range that was easy to afford while pursuing performance and design, and used forged aluminum wheels, which were already mainstream in four-wheel racing, to "popularize wheel customization on the street". The basic model "TYPE-C" was born in the same year, machined from strong and durable forged aluminum with good weight distribution for athletic performance.

As GALE SPEED's products continue to evolve, they have launched various series of wheels that have been recognized by world-class races and got good comments from tons of street riders.


GALE SPEED's forged wheels have been used in the MotoGP Moto2 class since 2010 to take a big step toward becoming a real "global brand". In 2011, GALE SPEED released the racing-spec wheel "TYPE-GP1", which is still used by many teams to achieve good results.


Basic model "TYPE-C"


Race model "TYPE-GP1"

Evolution of brake systems

In 2009, the "Brake System Project" was launched with the know-how and technology cultivated through the production of forged wheels. Through Japanese and international racing support, GALE SPEED has started developing parts such as master cylinders and brake discs.


And in 2018, GALE SPEED released rear calipers and foot control kits as new categories. Quality, performance, and the beauty of function that they weave together to assist your riding and create a sense of oneness with your motorcyle.



So why should you choose GALE SPEED products and what are their strengths? About wheels, the unsprung weight of a motorcycle has an effect on all three basic motorcycle maneuvers: acceleration, deceleration and cornering. In particular, the weight of the wheels has a significant impact. GALE SPEED wheels are lighter, which helps to reduce the moment of inertia and improve the overall performance of the motorcycle. Improvements are gained not only in acceleration, deceleration and cornering, but also in tire grip, braking performance, brake pad wear and suspension movement.

Thinner rims change the way you ride.


GALE SPEED wheels are based on a material that has been forged to increase strength, and by cutting the rim especially thin, the center of gravity is gathered at the center, allowing the rider to enjoy a sporty ride that is light and easy to corner.

Excellent strength and durability


The cross-section of a blank forged by a high-pressure press of 8,000 tons has a metal flow, which does not appear in a cast wheel, and metal fatigue strength is dramatically improved.

Accumulated design technology

wheel_t_22.jpg wheel_t_24.jpg

Design and analysis are carried out using 3D CAD and analysis software. This process is repeated to bring every possible factor to the best state, including the design, processing method, weight reduction, strength, and elasticity intended by the engineers. Uncompromising design and sufficient reliability. This is the first step in wheel manufacturing.

Thorough quality control and safety

wheel_t_28.jpg wheel_t_30.jpg

These wheels not only comply with JWL standards, but also with the more stringent TUV standards. ALL the wheels are assembled one by one by hand in GALE SPEED's own factory and inspected, Only those that pass the strict in-house rim runout and surface finish standards are shipped out. GALE SPEED manufactures aftermarket wheels that can be used for a long time with confidence.


Pick up reviews

Of course, wheel series are the staples of GALE SPEED, but they have more than that to offer like Master Cylinders, Wire Clutch Perch Kits, Rear Master Cylinders, Brake Discs, Calipers, Foot Control Kits etc. You may refer to the following reviews.


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It's difficult to introduce each category one by one here, and Webike has detailed descriptions on the corresponding product pages. Please click to check for your motorcyle.


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