What do you mean the chain stretches?


チェーンが伸びるってどういうこと?That's because if you're constantly being pulled, it will grow...

But would you be surprised if I told you that it's not actually growing?
You're obviously growing! And I'm going to be tweaked.

A sturdy metal part that is supposed to be pulled on constantly.There's no such thing as a power-intolerant, step-by-step growth.of.
That one.It's not growing, it's decreasing.of.

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What? The truth about the growth of the chain is brought to you if you are
I'm talking about a general seal chain.

Chains don't stretch.

The plate you can see when you look at the chain from the side stretches out a little bit more than the super power of my bike: ......
That's what you might think.
ButThe plate visible from the side will not be stretched even slightly between new and the end of its life.

But it's obviously growing, right?

We've all experienced that the chain gets stretched out after use.
It's common knowledge that the vehicle has a chain adjuster on the body to accommodate chain stretching, and if it does stretch, the adjuster will adjust it.

Certainly.There is no doubt that the whole thing is getting longer and longer.

So where is it growing?

I first mentioned that the plate you see when you look at the chain from the side does not stretch.
So where is it growing and getting longer?

In fact, there are no parts extending anywhere.
That wasn't a stretching of parts.You're running out of parts.of.

Chains don't stretch, they decrease.

What are you talking about? You may feel like, "I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to see the chain," but you can't see it when you use it.The parts inside are being depleted by a fraction of a second.of.
I think it's understandable that it would be somewhat reduced since the metal parts are connected and gurgling around while constantly receiving power.

And the result of that slight reduction is that the entire chain seems to have grown as a result of the accumulation of that slight reduction.
We say 'chain growth' for convenience, but the truth is 'chain reduction'.

Where will it be reduced?

The plate you see from the side doesn't stretch, but isn't the place you imagine when you're told it's going to be reduced somewhere is the place in the image above?
This is where you blow the chain lube for lubrication, and it's where it always comes in contact with the sprockets, so you're likely to get less coco (roller bushing).

But it's not the parts that cause the chain to stretch as much as the parts are reduced.Not Soko.

Here's what's going down!

It reduces the number of parts inside the chain that cannot be seen (i.e. pins).
The wear on each one is negligible, but the whole chain has between 100 and 130 pins, so when they all come together, they show up as a few millimeters of stretch.
One pin in a 100-link chain is 0.If you wear 1mm, the entire chain will show up as a 10mm stretch.
The chain goes all the way around the sprocket and around the sprocket, so this is equivalent to 5 mm of chain pull.

It doesn't seem like a big deal, but by the time the chain wears that much, the sprockets will have worn out considerably, and the actual chain pull won't be more than 5 mm.
Probably requires a drawback of well over 10mm, which means a lifetime.
only 0.It's only worn down by 1mm!

By the way, the part that contacts the sprocket (roller bushing), which seems to reduce, also reduces, as you can imagine.
However, roller bushings do not affect the length of the chain when worn.

Why is it less if you're maintaining it?

It should be well-lubricated with chain maintenance every time you ride it, and it should be well-lubricated so that it's always well lubricated. ......
Many of you may think so.

But unfortunately, the most important part of the chain, the part that causes it to stretch.
The pins cannot be lubricated from the outside. (!)

Why can't it be lubricated from the outside?

To begin with, ......, a seal chain was developed to constantly lubricate the pins by sealing high performance grease in a leak-proof manner to reduce wear and tear on the pins.
This means that the lid is covered with a rubber O-ring to prevent the lubricating grease inside from leaking out.

If the stuff inside doesn't spill out, that means it can't be injected from the outside either.

Isn't it lubricated with chain lube?

I did not.

As I wrote above.It is not possible to inject the chain lube into the pins that are inside the seal.
The only lubrication is the high performance grease enclosed in the seal chain from the start!
The chain lube doesn't reach the area you want to lubricate the most.

So what does the chain lube lubricate?

One makes contact with the sprocket.Roller bushing lubricationIt is.

Cleaning a dirty chain and maintaining it with a chain lube obviously makes the chain noise quieter, doesn't it?
It's a moment when the jangling sound becomes silent and worth the maintenance.

However, as you can see from the fact that it can be lubricated from the outside, it is not sealed.
And it has zero pins..The roller bushings have been governor since new, whereas it was a serious place to worry about 1mm of wear.

There's a reason for this: the pins, which are lubricated with sealed grease, are responsible for the driving force, whereas the roller bushings are "only" smoothing out the engagement with the sprockets.
The purpose of the roller bushing is completely different from that of the pin, as it serves to smooth out the movement of the driving force, rather than transferring it.
And because it's round, it means it can be lubricated from the outside and it has the effect of lubricating.

Second.O-ring lubricationIt is.
The O-ring, which is sealed with grease for the important pins to prevent them from spilling out, is made of rubber.
Lubrication is essential to protect this rubber as it is in a harsh environment where it is exposed to UV rays, heat, rain and dust.
If you don't do anything, it will deteriorate at once, and since it's a thin rubber, it can easily be torn to shreds.

When the O-ring breaks, the grease that lubricates the important pins will leak out, causing the pins to wear out and the chain to reach the end of its life in no time at all.

Chain lube is an ersatz.

The chain is a fast rotating component that exerts tremendous centrifugal force.
It would splatter in an instant with a comparable oil.That's why the chain lube is so sticky.of.

And unlike engine oil, it does not circulate.
We are destined to have to work hard with only the little that is there.
As a bonus, it's exposed to the wind and rain, picks up gravel from the tire rolls, and is the worst kind of lubrication, the worst kind of poor environment for lubrication.
Let's take good care of them.

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