Are we lucky in a way if it’s only a broken bone? Horror stories of accidents and injuries


骨折で済めばある意味ラッキー?!事故と怪我の怖い話Motorcycles are dangerous.
Needless to say, motorcycles are dangerous.

A motorcycle with a bare body is definitely dangerous, as opposed to a four-wheeled vehicle with a body that absorbs shock.

However, contrary to the popular image that motorcycles are dangerous because they can tip over if something happens, in reality, they are not that easy to tip over.
If you follow the traffic rules and regulations, are aware of your surroundings in all directions at all times, and take care of your safety.Most accidents are preventable.

This time, I've been called a cyborg in the company, and my 'pretty hard injury experience' has led me to ask, "How can you get hurt like this in an accident like this?! to serve as a reminder to drive safely and to prevent accidents.
Don't worry, there's no bloody images!

Right-handed accidents are dangerous.

A right-handed accident is a "common motorcycle accident", but if you do not know that it is a common accident, you will cause a common accident without paying any attention.
It's important to be prepared for the dangers.It's a big deal.

I (19 years old at the time, still only licensed as a moped) didn't know of any such thing as a right-handed accident. I was riding a moped on a main road when I entered a large intersection and collided with a car turning right from the opposite lane.
It's a typical right-handed accident in the picture.

A right-handed accident usually looks to both drivers as if the other party has suddenly jumped out of the way.
The same is true in my case, where I was hit directly into the side of a passenger car that suddenly appeared (it looked like) in front of me with no brakes.

luckilyAs the body flew over the roof of the car (according to an acquaintance who witnessed it, it flew to a height where it almost hit a traffic light), the speed suddenly dropped to 0km!/I didn't get the big shock that would have made me h
If this was a panel pan or a bus or a truck or something like that, you couldn't jump over the car and it would catch all of the kinetic energy, so the danger level would go up, so you're lucky in that sense.

Nevertheless, although the car jumped over, the impact was terrible and my body was in a lot of trouble.
I'm only going as fast as I can get on a raggedy moped!

It was like a knee injury to a car.hip dislocation fracture(Super ouch.)
I'll take a hip at the same time.Right back of the pelvis is shattered.(Super ouch.)
The shattered bone was washed out and removed, but since it was a joint, no bone graft could be done, and the back of the pelvis that receives the right hip joint wasIt's still missing.It is.

near the hip joint during surgery.My nerves are shot.So some of the muscles in my buttocks are stuck and drastically reduced, and my buttocks are puckered and not looking good....
Also, I can't support it with my pelvis & my buttocks are still weak due to the weakness of my muscles.It takes courage to get down on all fours.It can be.

The femoral head is also an avulsion fracture.(Super ouch.)
The detached bone fragments (about 20mmx25mm) disappeared as they were flushed out with the crushed pelvis.
The ball joint at the bonehead still feels constantly gurgling because the surface is still rattling.

Also, his right leg, which fell out backwards when he dislocated, was halfway around his waist on impact and immediately after the accident.My right leg is growing out of the left side of my left leg.It was an egregious (and super painful) thing to do.
The hip head of the right leg is supported at this time.Eighty percent of my arteries have been severed.Because of this, I still have an overwhelmingly slow bone growth rate and poor blood flow.My right foot is clearly cold.It is.

Initially, he was on the verge of having his right leg amputated and was told that even if he survived, he would be unable to sit in a chair for the rest of his life, but after nearly 10 years of independent rehabilitation, he was able to sit in a chair successfully.
But I still can't kick backwards or cross my legs.

This kind of injury tends to happen when a rider hits something on a motorcycle because of the inertia of a direct hit, which sends the rider flying forward.
In addition, the hip is the largest of all human joints, so any destruction of it can have a considerable impact on daily life.

In hindsight, if you know in advance that a right-handed accident is a 'typical motorcycle accident', you can prevent the accident at a significant rate.

Right-straight accidents aren't just at intersections.This can happen in all places where the convoy is broken.
You may not be able to see it.If there's a break in the convoy, it's for some reason.That's what I mean.
Some cars are coming out of the store parking lot on the left, etc., to make a right turn.I'm not talking about just being careful on the right.Yes, sir!

Jaywalking vehicles are dangerous.

At the junction where the main road joins the main roadA car ran a red light and ran right into me as fast as it could.Things have happened. (I was 22 at the time.)
This was intense, and I took the biggest hit to date.

The jaywalker was speeding on the main road in the middle of the night (speeds reaching triple digits according to the field inspection), and his momentum continued to build as he crashed into my side, which was unbearable.
I don't remember about two weeks before and after, but it was right in front of the police station and a police officer witnessed the moment of the accident.

According to eyewitness accounts, I was attempting to make a normal right turn on a green light at a junction when a jaywalking SUV slammed into me from the right side with no brakes.
Once I got under the car, I was dragged 30 meters in the direction of the car, and then the car braked, and I shot out from under the car.
He jumped all the cars that were waiting for the light in the oncoming lane (3 lanes) and landed on the sidewalk 100 meters away.
in shortThe distance is an amazing 70 meters.
I am.He went straight to the intensive care unit where he was unconscious and in critical condition.

That's why SHOEI's full-face helmet is such a good idea.Split in two!
The glasses had also changed to a novel vertical oval shape.
Wouldn't it have been dead if it wasn't for a full-face helmet made by a top manufacturer like SHOEI or Arai?
I don't know if it was the shock or the clenching.Numerous teeth split longitudinally.I can still see the cracked marks when I shine a light from behind the tooth.

But such things are insignificant.
first (of all)Two of my vertebrae are broken.
Specifically, the sixth and seventh thoracic vertebrae, the spine a little below the heart, were broken spectacularly.
When he got under the car, he got trapped between the bike and the car, resulting in a compression fracture.The crushed and broken wayIt is.

Of course, but at the same time.spinal cord injuryThere is also aparalysis of the lower body
He has nerve damage. I can't operate.The spine is still fixed in a crushed state.It has been done.
X-rays show a crushed part of the spine bent to the left and right in an S-shape, which is painful to see.
And shortened my height by three centimeters.He was 175 cm tall, but now he is 172 cm tall.
Speaking of which, one./The gasoline tank that was compressed up and down to about 3 had a single sipper mark on it from the jacket I was wearing.

I was paralyzed in the lower half of my body, but miraculously.Successful spontaneous healing and neural connections.And now I'm able to move properly.
In addition to the strong luck that it was not completely amputated and part of it remained intact, I believe it was the fact that I kept giving the order to move to a non-moving leg, believing that it should be able to move, that worked.
However.It hurts all the time, even when I sleep and wake up for 24 hoursBut.
It probably hurts to the extent that a normal person would not be able to sleep. (If it hurts all the time, you get used to the pain so you can sleep.)

And more!
When he was hit from the right, his right knee was bent in a bad way.Three of the knee ligaments (four in all) are completely tornI did.
Not only was it torn, but it fell apart to the point where it was impossible to rebuild.All artificial ligaments.This was the case.
The one remaining one (lateral collateral ligament) is also stretched out.
while (you) are at itThe meniscus and intra-articular cartilage are also damaged.I do, but I've come so far.It's no longer within the margin of error.So it is still being left in a gory state today.

The knee is primarily a structure supported by two ligaments (anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament), but since both major ligaments are now artificial ligamentsKnee actuation is the worst.It is.
I can't sleep on my back because I can't sit upright, nor can I fully extend it.
It moves wobbly back and forth, requiring constant muscular support, and you have to be aware of every single foot you put out to walk.
I can't walk around unconsciously in a daze.

Also.Muscle strength in the right leg is down to 30% of that of the left legI've done it and it takes some ingenuity to ride a bike for sport.
If you get into a hang-off position in the left corner, you can't hit the rear brake and you can't get your knee out in the right corner.
Sometimes my right leg is not enough to support my body when braking, and my riding form is weird and uncool in both corners...

The funny thing is that it was cut off during surgery.Left to right reversal from below the knee when the sensory nerves connect.And then we connected.
Because of this, when you touch the outside of your shin, it feels like you are touching the inside.
But humans are amazingly responsive, and now you can't mistake the inside for the outside.

What do you think?
That's a level of damage that is indeed a bit absent.
This can happen when a jaywalking car runs into you from the side as fast as it can.
The number of stitches is on par with a certain professional wrestler.

However, this accident wasIt could have been prevented if I had been careful.We think.
I can tell you one thing for sure.You don't blindly go straight ahead just because you have a green light.thing.
Even if the traffic light is green from a long way in front of you, look for vehicles that are likely to come out from the left and right.We'll pass it by, checking.You should try to

Trying to accelerate through at the right time of a traffic light change is out of the question.
Right before the light turns to red, but let's get through it! and those who say, "I'm right before the green light, but let's get started! The same thing happens if there is an overlap of people who say

In fact, it wasn't an accident because I noticed and avoided it, but I've encountered jaywalking cars and pedestrians many times after this accident.
In some cases it's an oversight and in others it's intentional, but unfortunatelyJaywalking is rather common.Think of it as.

Freezing roads are dangerous.

I've always commuted to work by bike in all kinds of weather, but there was a time when I was still young and rode a big scooter (an early Majesty 250) that was an old man's ride at the time.
And I've had a big fall on an icy road in the middle of winter.
the so-calledblack ice burnThis is one of the bad road surfaces that looks like a dry road but is actually frozen all over.
It was difficult to detect visually, and by the time it was discovered it was too late, which is a common pattern.

I was underestimating the possibility of a frozen road surface and I (29 at the time) fell hard, of course.
It was quite fast, downhill, and also because it was a big scooter shaped like an egg, it wouldn't stop...
The bike itself slid for over 50 meters, reflecting off the left and right side walls like a pinball, but fortunately there were no other cars or passersby, so I only crashed into a stone wall and was reduced to a piece of wood.

I was also lucky enough to hit the stone wall with no way to get it done (super painful).full-body bruiseIt only took.
I shudder to think if I was simply lucky and even a child was walking.

Black Iceburn is a surface that appears in conditions that drop to near freezing temperatures, wind and shade.
On days when there is a possibility of freezing, and in places where it might be freezing, "going extremely slowlyI have learned that this can be handled by

Accidents can be prevented.

I assure you, if you follow the traffic rules and regulations, as I wrote at the beginning of this article, and are always aware of your surroundings in all directions, and take care of your safety.Most accidents are preventable.
The only thing that doesn't cause more accidents than a veteran rider isAlways aware of your surroundings in all directions.What we're doing and when we understand the situation.Experience in determining which places are dangerousThis is because there is an abundance of

It's very important to know what situations are dangerous and why.So, when you're driving, you'll come across a scene where you'll say, "I see, I can't see this," or, "If you don't know your bike, you might misjudge it.
You don't have to get in the car.How do you think they see you? Can they see you in the first place? I ride with that in mind.Things will protect you.

Keep track of all the cars around you.

The more experienced the veteran, the better he or she sees the mirror.
This is the same for four-wheelers, and if you're good at it.Always fully aware of your surroundings at all times.I do.

When you drive with a veteran, for example, a lane change on the freeway may seem like a momentary glimpse backwards.
I've only seen it for a moment, sure, but that thing isn't a split second to check the situation and make a decision.

Veterans don't try to change lanes and then look behind them in their mirrors or visually.Long before you change lanes, and more importantly, from the moment you start driving, you're aware of all the cars around you.of.
The only thing I'm glancing at before changing lanes is 'just making sure there's no mistake between my perception of what's behind me and what's actually going on,' so all I have to do is glance at it.

How long have the cars in the right lane, three cars back, been there? How did you behave when you joined us? Are the blinkers on? Who's in the passenger seat? Is the driver focused on driving? How often do you use mirrors to check behind you?
I even look at that part.
All of the cars around you in front, back, left and right.
It's true.

I'll avoid it anyway.

Once a contact or collision occurs, even if it is only a slight contact, the bike can easily blow up.
Even if you're lucky enough not to blow it up, if you hit it even slightly, it's an accident.
Therefore, contact collisions must be avoided whenever possible.
Last minute or not, we'll avoid whatever it is.Things are very important.

Even if there is only 1mm left, as long as you don't make contact, you will only have to be abused.
It's many times better than making contact with them, no matter how angry they are.

And even if collision contact is unavoidable, we will not give up until the last minute.Reduce energy in a crash by slowing down whenever possibleIt's important.
It's out of the question to say, "I found myself hitting it," and that's proof that you were driving without thinking.

Open your eyes, look ahead, where do you make contact? Where do you find yourself flying to after contact? What's going on around you? I'll even make sure of those things before we collide....
Even in the worst case scenario.I will continue to act on my own accord until the very end.It is that intention that mitigates the damage.

Extra (Circuit version)

The track is said to be safer than the public roads.
It's true.
Once you experience it, it becomes ridiculous to be reckless on the pass, and you don't like how reckless you are.

However, it's not true that you can never get hurt on the track.
A fancy fall, such as a high-side, can break your bones, but even if you don't go that far, you can still get injured by something downright trivial, so be careful! I wrote about my experience as a bonus.

Sponge barriers are dangerous.

A sponge barrier installed at the side of the course.
The thing is a shock absorber that catches bodies and people off course, but what do you think happens if you come into contact with it while driving?

Normally, there is an escape zone on the outside of the track and sponge barriers are installed on the outside of the escape zone, but some corners require sponge barriers to be installed on the side of the course.
I tried to pass just in time with full throttle through such a place - but I couldn't get through just in time and my right toe made contact with it.

I felt like my foot was going to be bounced off the step or part of the sponge was going to be shredded, but it wasn't at all, and the toe that made contact was bent as hard as it could towards the bottom of the step (super painful).
I stepped on it just in time to get through, so I didn't brake, but rather opened the throttle fully.
I've been stuck on the sponge barrier at full throttle and fired up into the sky, body and all.
According to an acquaintance who witnessed the event, he thought he was dead because he jumped up to a great height while spinning vertically.

Fortunately, it was not life-threatening and he only suffered multiple torn ligaments in his right ankle.
You have numerous ligaments in your ankle, so even if you have a few torn ligaments, they won't interfere with your daily life.

However, it seems that "something" that was cut off in my ankle has gathered in my ankle, and it still seems to be collecting in my ankle.The two ankles of my right ankle are weirdly shaped with two ankles lined up on top and
It doesn't seem to affect me in any way, but it doesn't look good....

Curbing is dangerous.

That scene where he's running down the curb-threshold and his knees are on the curb, that's pretty cool!
If it's cool, it's in the nature of a rider to want to do it.
When you try it, it's surprisingly easy to get on the outside curb or kneel on the inside curb.

By the way, curbstones come in a variety of shapes, with different heights, angles, widths, and slippage.
It's normal for curbs to be different in different places on the same circuit, so it's normal to say that you can ride the curb at that corner but not at this corner.

In the midst of all this, I tried to pass the inside curb, where I wasn't supposed to be riding, and my right toe made contact with the curb and was taken under the step.
On top of that, my right foot, which is off the step, is completely under the body of the car.Run over your own right foot with your own rear tireThe acrobatics of the situation!

I managed to avoid falling, but the grip of the melted rear tire on the track was not half as strong as it should have been, and I broke my right ankle after being run over by the rear tire of my bike (super painful).
As a bonus, it was the last corner, so I couldn't pit in as it was, and I was in agony, half crying as I circled the track with my broken bones.

This was just a broken bone and it has healed completely with no problems.
Human Eli.


Motorcycles are dangerous vehicles.Most accidents can be prevented on their own.
There should be very few accidents that are really out of your control.
In fact, I've had a lot of hard times in 30 years, but not a single "there's no way to avoid that" situation.
I am reminded that there should have been a point where I could have avoided it on my own.

I think one of the best things about enjoying motorcycling on public roads is enjoying the brain game of looking closely at your surroundings, anticipating unseen dangers, and avoiding accidents as a matter of course.
Fractures can be healed, but the most important thing is to continue to avoid the situation that led to the fracture in the first place.
To do so.What places are dangerous and why? The best way to know (and study) in advance is to know (and study)I think it is.

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