15 ‘There’s a thing’ that only motorcyclists understand!


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1.The sudden downpour of rain makes it all the more exciting.

I don't like the rain while riding, but it's in the nature of a rider to get overwhelmed when it's pouring.I feel alive while being hit by the heavy rain. Likewise, there are many types of people who somehow push themselves to the limit, such as touring long distances on mopeds despite having large motorcycles.

2.Beating the tank as a drum at a stoplight.

We tend to hit it when we feel good, such as when the weather is good.
When the tension is further increased, they add a rhythm with their feet and humming.

3.It's easy to get lonely when touring solo and going to a tourist destination.

You realize that tourist attractions are good because you go with people.
And then there's the dams and the B food.Become familiar with the minor spots.

4.I'd buy the supersport of my dreams, but it's too hard to position myself.

I got the big license I've always wanted! I bought that super sport I've always wanted! From, Sepahan, too hard. Too dull on the way down. Too hot in the crotch. But it's cool. But it also makes me want a moped.

5.A sense of solidarity when you're in a touring situation with a rider you don't know.

I was happy when he said goodbye to me.

6.The first time I refueled the car, I put high octane gas in it.

I know. I know I'm a regular.
But I'm going to put high octane in it.
Likewise, the oil should be a good one at first.

7.The longer I've been on the bike, the more I give the Cub a second glance.

The turnips are looking cooler and cooler.
I can't say anything bad about the turnip.A great motorcycle is a Honda Cub.

8.Many of us are experiencing something strange to be alive.

Talking about accidents and such."Yes, you're alive.There are quite a few riders who have experienced this.
The person who has had an accident usually smiles and talks about it, but I never want to experience it myself.

9.Canaven is like a bullet.

It's quite a shock, even if you're driving at about 40km/h.
If you're not careful, he'll take your arm.

10.Without a helmet shield, the raindrops are super painful.

My face hurts so badly that it looks like Blackmore's Catch the Rainbow.
I run at about 30km/h, acutely aware of the need for a shield.

11.When I stalled at a stoplight, I looked into the engine and appealed to the car behind me for a malfunction.

I restarted it and fumbled with the throttle and thought, "That's weird, huh? And then I looked into the engine and tilted my head back.
But.In truth, I just missed it.

12.I'm stingy with the labor costs and maintain it myself, but I regret that I should have hired a professional.

It's frustrating when there are bolts that can't be removed with the tools you have.
On the way.It doesn't work and makes me want to scream three times.
Next time I'll ask the shop for help, but I'm not going to learn my lesson, I'm going to start servicing it myself and go back to the beginning.

13.I despair that the bike I bought without test riding is not what I imagined it would ride.

It didn't feel like anything I'd ever simulated in my head."Thud.It would be.
On the other hand, when it's more fun than you can imagine, you can't stop grinning under your helmet.

14.The grass next to it is blue disease.

When you drive a small displacement, you want to drive a large displacement.
Riding a scooter makes me want to ride a manual car.
When you drive an old car, the latest FI is still good.
A deep-seated disease.

15.When I get the bike I want, I think about it all the time.

I can't stop thinking about it in my sleep. Love no longer.

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