15 “There are” things that only motorcyclists understand [Part 4]


バイク乗りだけが分かる『あるある』15選【Part4】We tend to look for a place to park at the rest stop.
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Number one.."Why is the highway rate the same as a mini car?" "It's only two tires, it's half price! Standard talk in SA and PA.

The light weight of the car means less damage to the road!

Number two..If you get into it and wash the car shiny and clean, you'll want to ride it and get dirty quickly.

Because the dirtier you get, the more worthwhile it is to wash the car. Glue.

Part 3.I push the blinker switch when I don't need it and make sure it's not left out.

Still, there are times when it's not even on.

Part 4.GS, "Regular fill up, high octane! I'd say.

Soooooooooooooooo.[1000 yen] (Τhey're a dodge dallow........

Part 5.The 70% chance of precipitation fools me.

I get off 70 percent of the time when I ride my bike.
When you don't ride, you don't get off.

Kamisama is mean.

Part 6.Thinking it's a girl rider with fluttering black hair, I lined up next to him, a guy with long hair.

It's fun to watch your uncle get disappointed, uncle Longhorn.

Part 7.The feeling of superiority you get when you win an acceleration contest with the bike next to you at a stoplight.

0-50km/A super slow battle fought in h! /

In addition, it's not easy to deal with the opponent's flying.

Part 8.The volume of the singing while driving is proportional to the speed.

It has a function that automatically turns the volume off when a passerby or a car with its windows fully open is present.

Part 9.When you wear a full face, you can't see the inside of your waistband at all.

Take off your helmet to see what's inside, or have a moment.

Part 10..A large motorcycle at a loss for a back-up in a gravel parking lot.

Are you okay?
People who are concerned about you and talk to you look good.

Part 11.When turning an intersection, I banked the car so much that the rear wheel slipped for a moment and I felt a creepy feeling.

Manhole "Hi!The one that makes you cringe in two combos.

> > Why are manholes on the best line of the bike?

Part 12.After taking a break, I couldn't help but wonder if I'd forgotten anything. Eventually I stopped to check.

I check it while I'm on the bike, but the glove on the tank falls off and I end up having to get off the bike to check it.

Part 13..Wearing a helmet changes your personality.

His last name is usually "Honda".

Part 14..The start is sunny, but it's raining on the mountain.

There is no retreat!Touring tends to be forced as much as possible in consultation with the weather app.

Part 15..In touring, the second strike is the last one.

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