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We've got some useful motorcycle cleaning products and methods to share with you that were submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK: Motorcycle Cleaning Hack" Campaign!

I would like to introduce you to the motorcycle cleaning products and methods of Yoko who rides the Super Cub 90.

Motorcycle and self-introduction

[Brief self-introduction]
Hello, I'm an elderly man who has been riding for 35 years and I'd like to share with you my passion for washing my motorcycle and lubricating my chain.

[Motorcycle introduction]
What I'm going to use as a subject this time is the Super Cub 90DX, which has been riding hard since I bought it new, over 90,000 km around the earth twice! It's a Super Cub 90DX. Last year, I participated in SSTR with this Cub.

Motorcycle clean commitment

The first step is to remove the dust. I don't wash mine with water! Blow off the dust with a blower, then wipe dry with a stiffly wrung rag! Why? I don't use water or car shampoo. It's because it is troublesome to get the water completely off after cleaning the motorcycle (lol). I don't wash the whole thing with water unless it's muddy because any moisture left behind can cause rust. I also make sure to lubricate the chain when I wash the motorcycle.


Item Name: Unicon car cream
After wiping with a hard wrung-out rag, if there are fine scratches, erase them with a micro-compound, and the finish will be better. I use a scratch removal micro compound from Cains Home.

Next is the wax. The wax is the same old Unicon Car Cream! I wax the exterior, swingarm, and wheels with this one. I use it to wax the exterior, swingarm, and wheels, but I'm very careful not to over-wax. If you use too much wax, it will look uneven. If you use too much wax, it will look dirty and ruin your motorcycle cleaning.

Item Name: Heat-resistant wax *Metal coating wax is no longer available, so we are introducing a similar product.

For the exhaust system/chromium parts! Daytona's Metal Coating Wax. I use heat-resistant wax on the exhaust system of the Cub because rust gets under the plating and the plating peels off.


After wiping the chain carefully with a dry rag, apply one drop at a time to the link joints. The key to lubrication is to put it on the inside. Because the centrifugal force turns the oil to the outside. (lol) It takes patience, but this will pay off for your wallet later.


I wouldn't use a spray-on chain oil! Why? That's because, as I mentioned when I waxed, I get too much of a tweak. It gets to places other than where it really needs to go, and it's a waste of money because you're spending extra! (lol)

The main reason for this is that wasting oil on the chain causes it to become dusty, which in turn absorbs moisture and leads to rust. Of course, the chain and sprockets will last longer. This is good for the wallet.

After lubricating, the chain for one lap, rotate the tire several times to allow the oil to blend in. If your motorcycle does not have a center stand, move it back and forth a few times and leave it for 5 minutes. Then use a rag to wipe off any excess oil left on the chain, so that the sides of the chain also get oiled and moistened.


It'll take time, but it'll be beautiful!


Daytona metal coating wax, you're keeping it pretty clean! The key to all of this is "don't overdo it" and "don't pour water on it".

Motorcycle cleaning products I'm aiming for in the future

In the future I'd like to do a full-blown glass coating, but I'm not sure how hard it would be to keep water and dust out until it cures!

Thank you for participating in the "Motorcycle Cleaning HACK" Yoko! You will get 500 points which can be used at Webike!

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