MOTO HACK: Super Water Repellent with the Secret Solid Wax that has been Added for Over 20 years!

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We've got some useful motorcycle cleaning products and methods submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK: Motorcycle Cleaning Hack" Campaign!

I would like to introduce you to the motorcycle cleaning products and methods of Omochi-kun who rides the SV650X.

Vehicles and self-introduction

[Brief self-introduction]
Motorcycle cleaning hack! (Let's go get 'em!)
My name is Omochi, and I'm squishy because I'm a mochi. I came to know about Webike through the introduction of a motorcycle shop.

The sliders I'm currently installing were also purchased from Webike?
Your bike shop is also a member of Webike (apparently Webike biz?) Even if you buy a Webike product through a bike shop, the price is displayed on Webike, so you can choose from Webike and buy from us. The payment was postpaid, of course. w
I can feel the connection between the world today.

[Vehicle introduction]
I've been riding the SV650X for 2 years and 3 months.

Motorcycle cleaning commitment

To prevent dirt from sticking to the motorcycle and to make it very easy to wash the motorcycle next time.

[The point where I want to clean up here]
To focus on what you can see and touch. The parts you can't see are rather appropriate. And it's a perfect balance of seeking perfection but not seeking it.
The reason is that the motorcycle drove outside and gets dirty again very quickly.


The rear wheel will be lifted as well as the chain lubrication (woe is me).

Don`t forget the front brake lock. No, it's a personal thing, so you can forget about it, but I don't care if the machine falls over and gets scratched or injured.

I said in my tire change diary last year that I was going to save the warts until spring, but I haven't gone to the mountain pass yet and they've already eroded into the wart area (some warts have come off). In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spray the water! It is an image that roughly flushes out sand and dust and blisters it.

Prepare wax in shampoos & sponges.

The sponge is clean and soft. I'm using the rest of the Cain't WAXin shampoo this time, but you can use regular motorcycle shampoo or whatever your personal preference is.

I don't remember if the motorcycle wash sponge was a special product or just a piece of packing material we throw away at work, but I'll show you the equivalent at Webike shopping.

1. SOFT99
Item Name: C142 Car Wash Sponge Rich & Soft

Item Name: Car Shampoo 1000

It is recommended to use a sponge with scissors when washing a motorcycle.
If you accidentally drop it on the ground, we would like you to be ready to throw it away.

This is where the degree of attachment and affection you have for things comes into play. If it is a painted wheel, you should not use a car wash brush to scrub it with detergent. I think it's good for business trucks, dump trucks, etc.

This is the situation after rinsing with car shampoo & sponge. The oil stain is very small because the previous film is still effective and even the rubbing scum is almost gone.

Wiped off with a chamois. It looks good enough as it is, but this time I'm going to put coating wax on it!

3. Self-made
Item Name: The secret WAX that has been used for more than 20 years
Here's what I'm going to use this time (the WAX can)
Brand: Omochi (can is ion coated)
Product name: The secret WAX that has been used for more than 20 years.
*Banana tube is my favorite unicon. But, as always, there is a punchline.


Other motorcycle cleaning products introduced in the diary

Item Name: unicon car cream

2. Cleanview: Ichinen Chemicals Co.
Item Name: ion coat glossy

Item Name: Liquid Wax CURBLIGHT Liquid

[After washing the motorcycle]

Omochi: Here you go~
It's a smelly WAX, but it plays well with water droplet contact angle 120°. And this effect lasts for a very long time, which is the performance that Wole wants.

Wole doesn't know of any other product that can achieve this effect, shine, sustainability, and cosmetics.

Motorcycle cleaning products I'm aiming for in the future

[How to wash your motorcycle and what motorcycle cleaning products you want to buy.]
I think how happy (and how strange) it would be if I could wash my motorcycle to the end of my motorcycle life along with the first can of solid ion coat described in this diary. I'd like to pick up and smell the hand-painted, ornamental Zymor concourse at least once.

Because it's plant-based, it oxidizes quickly, so it's not very durable outdoors, but it smells like pineapple or coconut.

Thank you for participating in the "Motorcycle Cleaning HACK" Omochi-kun! You will get 500 points which can be used at Webike!

*The articles on MOTO HACK are composed and reprinted from user contributions. The effects and methods described are at the discretion of the user, and Webike is not responsible for any problems that may occur.

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