MOTO HACK: It’s a GPZ900R with a Set of Tubes, So Only Use the Center Stand When Cleaning the Motorcycle!

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We've got some useful motorcycle cleaning products and methods that were submitted to the Webike community's "MOTO HACK: Motorcycle Cleaning Hack" campaign!

I would like to introduce you to the motorcycle cleaning products and methods of from Assistant Manager, who is riding Kawasaki GPZ900R.

Motorcycle and self-introduction

[Brief self-introduction]
It's been more than 30 years since I got my moped and mid-size license at the age of 16 and lifted the limitation at the age of 25. I love to ride, but I also love to maintain and customize. So I maintain it myself as much as I can.

[Vehicle introduction]
I started my love affair with a Yamaha Chappy, and now I have a Dax, a BOLT, and a Ninja.

Motorcycle wash commitment

Rather than a shiny motorcycle, I'm aiming for a neat little motorcycle. I mean, every motorcycle I own is so old that I'm not sure I can aim for shiny.

[The point where I want to clean up here]
I make sure that the wheels, tires, and brake discs, which are the most noticeable points, always look good.


1. Kawasaki
Item Name: Genuine Main Stand
My ninja has a TSUKIGI assembly tube installed and the stock main stand will not work. When I initially got the Ninja, it had been removed by the previous owner.

However, the main stand is essential to clean the tires and wheels, so I installed the main stand. Of course I can't use it as it is, so after removing the silencer and tailpipe, I clean the motorcycle with a stand.


Item Name: Unicon car cream
Tools and chemicals to use when washing the motorcycle.

I recommend Yamaha's Unicon Car Cream. For wheel cleaning, you can remove dirt and shine with this one! After removing the water, spread a thin coat with a cloth and wipe dry, you can polish and remove stains at the same time.

The ratchet and spring hook are for attaching and removing silencers etc.

Item Name: Super tire coating
Another recommendation is Waco's Super Tire Coat. This is the only way to glaze your tires.

It gives an elegant and natural blackness, not a vulgar black pica like other products. Cut a motorcycle cleaning sponge into appropriate sizes, spray it on the sponge, and apply it to the sidewall of the tire to revive the dirty tire to black. When doing so, be careful not to get it on the tread surface. You can apply it rather easily if you devise the size of the sponge.


Motorcycle cleaning products I'm aiming for in the future

1. SurLuster
Item Name: zero finish
As for body waxes, I'm currently using SureStar's Zero Finish, but I thought the Plexus I used before was better for ease of use and effectiveness. So when I ride out of ZERO finish, I will buy Plexus.

Item Name: Spray for car wash and coating

Thank you for participating in the "Motorcycle Cleaning HACK", Assistant Manager! You will get 500 points which can be used at Webike!

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