It’s done! I can take care of a little scratch with a stylus!


There are always a lot of traps lurking in the shadows of an enjoyable motorcycle life.

Red light, stop and try to get to your feet, there is no ground .......
In the morning, I was trying to hurry my bike out of the cramped bike parking lot at .......

The moment comes unexpectedly and leaves a sad scratch mark on your precious bike.

In this issue of Webic Magazine, we'll be looking at items that can easily repair scratches and make them disappear.touch penAbout!
I'll show you how to check the color and how to choose the color that often troubles you!

Oh, no! That's when you need a stylus!

The day I take delivery of my new bike.
A moment later, I received the key and said, "I'm off!" filled with excitement and hope.


the so-calledself-righting dollIt is not uncommon to hear that they have done so.

Not only beginners who just got a license, but also veterans who are well-trained and experienced.
It's not the first bike I've ridden, but it's the first bike I've ridden with for a long time.
Oh, my God!There are times when you unexpectedly have a moment of

By the way, I have done it in a test drive car .......

In such a situation It is useful whentouch pen!

You can easily disguise any areas of concern that have become slightly scratched or scraped paint due to standing moss or contact with the wall!

I apologized and paid for the scratches on the test drive that I did.

The opposite effect! Choose your colors carefully!

The stylus is used to place the original color over the peeling paint to make it less noticeable.
However, if you choose a color that is far away from the original color, only that part will stand out strangely.mistaking the insignificant for the essentialIt is.

For example, even if we say "red" in one word, it is quite different depending on the manufacturer, the type of car, and the year and model.

For example, a CB400 Superfor from the same year.
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Both of them use red, but if you look closely, the depth of the color is quite different.
The red color used in the first one is called "Candy Dazzling Red" and the second one is called "Candy Promising Red".

For "red" bikes, you can use a stylus that is also somewhat "red" .......
It turns out that it's not as simple as that.

So how do I check?
This is where you come in.color codeIt is.

What the hell is a color code?

In a broad sense, a color code is a code consisting of numbers and alphabets that is used to represent a specific color.
Motorcycle manufacturers study not only the combination of primary colors, but also the ratio of lame and the painting method to find the best color, and set the color code according to their own rules.

The color code is named after the color like the color name which was used on CB400 Superfor earlier.

By the way, that color of the mail bike that you often see in the city...Uusei Red(= Postal Service Red), which is a cool color code name.

How to find out the color code

How do I find out the color code?

Somewhere on the bike, often in an inconspicuous place such as the back of the seat, there is a label that looks like this.

The top row shows the car model and year, and the second and third rows show the color code.
When you search on the Internet or other sites, you can find it by using the middle second line of text.

If you're really not sure where it is, check your owner's manual!

In the case of the author's PCX, it was posted in the met-in space.

I got to actually use the stylus!

My PCX is a little overworked from daily commuting, touring, and driving it into the snow.

The paint is peeling off in places.

I'm going to flick this part with a stylus!

Look it up by color code!

The color code on the label,NH-A87PSearch for it!

I looked at the details section.

Turns out it has a pretty epic and cool color code name, "Pearl Himaya Lands White.

Make sure you're prepped.

Before you start flopping around with the stylus, you'll need to do some prep work.
First, wash off the dirt with water thoroughly and blow it up.

Preparing the stylus

I purchased the Daytonaeasy repair"!

First, with the cap on, anyway.I'll swing.Oh, my God! (about 30 times)

Shake it!

Shake it!

To make sure you've purchased the right color and that there are no major discrepancies, try flopping it on black paper or plastic and compare the results.

They say a cotton swab will do the trick!

It's okay to just flick it around with the tip of a pen, but I've heard that you can do it better with a cotton swab, so here comes the experiment!

First, flick it with the tip of a stylus.

Then, I use a cotton swab to make sure there are no bumps or irregularities.

Let it dry a bit, apply again, repeat, and it'll stay put!
I personally found the way to put the paint on the cotton swab first to be Good.

But be careful not to apply too much or it'll drip!


Here we go!

Can you see the modifications? I think I did a good job!

By the way, the clumsy author did it, and the time it took so far wasAbout ten minutes!
Because of my clumsiness, the first time I smashed a cotton swab and the time it took to pick it up was included.About ten minutes!

It's so easy, you've got to try it!

If you're looking for a more serious repair job, here's what you need to know!


Touch Pen Brand

Here's a few brands that sell stylus, and some of their products!

Daytona: Easy Repair Series

The Daytona is the answer to every rider's needs.
This time the author also used Daytona's Easy Repair!
Priced to fit a wide range of vehicles!

Wise Gear: Touch-up Paint

You can't go wrong with this Wise Gear for your Yamaha bike!
It's a manicure type. It applies well!
And if you polish it with a cleaner or wax after you apply it, it'll shine right back up!

Kawasaki: Touch-up paint

Next up, some stock Kawasaki touch up paint!
This is also a manicure type with a brush tip that applies well!

SOFT99 : Touch-up pen

The SOFT99 touch-up pen series is mainly for four-wheeled vehicles, but has the largest color lineup.
If you're familiar with four-wheelers, you might be able to spot a close color right away!

What if there is no matching color?

There are countless color codes, and unfortunately there is no stylus that fits all of them.
In that case, you have no choice but to look for a bike by comparing it with other bikes of similar colors.

Still, there is no stylus in a color that satisfies .......
The area is a bit too large to paint with a stylus and it would look unnatural: .......

If this is the case, consider the following methods.

Talk to the shop

You can't go wrong with consulting a skilled shop that knows all about motorcycles.
A shop that's experienced, knowledgeable, and specializes in painting might be able to help you out with those unusual colors!

Search by Genuine Parts

Based on the hassle of painting it yourself, the cost of having a shop paint it, etc., you may want to take the plunge and replace it with a new part.
Genuine parts are discontinued in the future and may never be available again, so it's a good idea to keep them in stock.

What a great place to buy genuine Webic parts!
For more on how to buy, check out our magazine right here!


Thank you for reading this far!
I think some scratches are inevitable in a long, long motorcycle life.
I'd be happy to use the stylus to bring a little sparkle back to your bike!

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