The New Speed Triple 1200RS, a New Generation Machine that Combines the Best Features of the Street Fighter!!


30 horsepower increase and 10 kg weight loss is awesome!

Triumph's new Speed Triple 1200RS will make its debut in Japan. The new Speed Triple 1200RS is a fully redesigned model with a completely new design, engine, and chassis.

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TRIUMPH Unveils the New SPEED TRIPLE 1200 RS

The new Speed Triple, with its slit LED headlights and sharply contoured, macho body, gives the rider a sense of what to expect from the motorcycle. The parallel three-cylinder engine, which was developed with the knowledge and expertise gained from Moto2, has a displacement of 1,160cc and a maximum output of 180PS at 10,750 rpm, a 30ps increase over the previous model. At the same time, the chassis has been lightened by 10kg, and the equipment weight has been reduced to 198kg, dramatically improving the power-to-weight ratio, a measure of athletic performance.

In addition, it comes with Ohlins front and rear suspension and Brembo Stylema as standard. In addition to five ride modes, including an improved track mode, it's also equipped with IMU cornering ABS, a switchable tracon control, a quickshifter, a keyless system, and connectivity as standard.

A decisive battle machine that beats all rivals.

It's a big step forward for a company that's always been rather low-key about its improvements, but this is a machine that's ready for battle. Triumph has made a name for itself as a Moto2 engine supplier, but without a liter-class supersport like the WSBK homologation model, the new Speed Triple is the flagship of the range. It's the flagship of the range.

In fact, when you look at the specs again, the power, weight, strong suspension, and a full range of electronic devices, the motorcycle is capable of competing with the top-class European sport naked models.

By the way, here is a quick list of possible rivals and their specs: DUCATI Street Fighter V4 (V4 1103cc/208ps/180kg dry weight), KTM 1290 Super Duke R (V2 1301cc/180ps/189kg dry weight) Aprilia Tuono V4 (V4 1077cc/175ps/unannounced vehicle weight), and the new BMW S1000R (parallel 4-cylinder 999cc/165ps/199kg equipped vehicle weight). There is a slight difference in price and displacement, so I can't say the conditions are the same, but it's exciting to imagine.

The conventional model was easy to handle and very fast.

I have attended the overseas test ride of the current Speed Triple 1050 in Spain in 2018, and I remember that I was able to attack the circuit for the first time with confidence thanks to its massive power like a lump of torque that accelerates furiously from anywhere with just one accelerator pedal stroke, stable handling, and safety devices such as cornering ABS and Traction Control.

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Speed Triple RS Test Ride by Kenny Sagawa

It was a completely different motorcycle from the razor-sharp delicacy of the Moto2 prototypes I rode at the same time, and it was definitely easier to handle and in a sense, more "gentle".

If you're not a racing rider, I'm sure you'll be able to set faster lap times on the Speed Triple. Putting that experience to the test on the new Speed Triple, I think we can expect a lot more from the new Speed Triple with all-around upgrades to the engine, chassis, and electronics.

The ideal sports motorcycle that is both big and small

I actually had the chance to ask the developers at Triumph headquarters a few days ago at the international press launch of the new Speed Triple, which was held online. I asked him how the new Speed Triple compares to the new Street Triple RS, which debuted earlier and is based on the Moto2 engine. The new Speed Triple is more powerful, lighter, and more agile, and is designed for riders who want the best of the Street Triple, but who also want more power and a higher level of riding performance.

I guess you could say that big is better than small. In the past, large displacement 1200cc motorcycles were considered to be slow touring machines, but times have changed. In other words, the new Speed Triple is the ideal sports motorcycle that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from everyday riding to sport touring, and of course, it is extremely fast on the track where it really shines.

Just by staring at the images, the anticipation builds, and I look forward to delivery from early April.


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