New CBR600RR Debuts at Last: 100% Pure Sport Armed with Electrical and Aerodynamic Power!


The new CBR600RR from Honda made its debut, on Friday, August 21. Let's take a look at some of the information and promotional videos that were released.

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Honda Unveiled the New CBR600RR on their Website Ahead of Time

Updated with the latest electrical and aerodynamic performance

According to Honda's release, the new CBR600RR is powered by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC in-line 4-cylinder 599cc engine and features the latest electronic control and aerodynamic performance to improve total performance. It has been developed as a super sports model of just the right size so that its high potential as a base model for production racing, which is competed with production vehicles, can be enjoyed in everyday life.

The high output, easy to handle power characteristics, and agile handling inherited from the previous model have been further refined to achieve a high level of compatibility between excellent power performance on the circuit and easy handling on public roads such as winding roads. The result is a model that further pursues the "joy of driving". Although the information is limited, this preamble alone is enough to raise high expectations.

An exciting ride that will make every hair on your body stand on end.

Although only a promotional video has been uploaded to the new CBR600RR's public website, its driving scenes reveal a pure sports machine brimming with racing spirit.

The video may be an image of a test ride by development riders. Following the mechanics in the pits working on the new machine, the camera closes in on the riders at the starting line. The heart is beating fast. As soon as the signal is given, the throttle is opened fully.

The new CBR600RR gallops along with sparking sparks, electricity running through the synapses, and a striking description that makes every hair on your body stand on end. The image of an ascending jet plane superimposed on the piercing, ultra-high rpm straight-four sound. The blood boils as the machine accelerates further.

The TFT display, which reaches 230km/h in an instant on the straight, shows electronic control modes such as Mode 1 ("P", "T", "W", "EB") if you look closely. And the end credits of "AWAKEN THE RACE". It is truly an exciting image that evokes the racing spirit.

Traditional center-up with winglets

Now, from what we can tell from the video, the red zone is a very high revving type that starts at 15,000 rpm. The electric system has been newly adopted, and from the meter display, we can predict that the motorcycle is equipped with power mode, traction control, wheelie control, and engine brake control. On the other hand, the body and suspension appear to be basically the same as the previous model.

The major change was in the exterior design, with a cowl shape reminiscent of the CBR1000RR-R and the trendy winglets. The CB600RR's traditional center-up muffler has been retained for the new model, which is a nice touch.

That's over 120 horsepower!

As of August 13, the maximum output and other specifications have not been announced yet, but as the video shows, the new model is expected to have full power. Incidentally, the previous domestic version (2013 model) had 78ps/12,000rpm, and the export version had 120ps/13,500rpm, but it is inevitable that the new model will surpass these figures.

The 600cc category has been lacking in new models lately, but after a long absence, a supersport with 100% purity has returned. In that sense, we hope the new CBR600RR will be a catalyst!


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