A Huge Machine with a Tiny Engine | The Amusing “LEONART” from Spain!


An up-and-coming motorcycle brand from Spain, LEONART, was born in Barcelona in 2004 and produces simple and unique small-displacement models. LEONART was founded in Barcelona in 2004, making simple and unique small-displacement models.

A huge cruiser that can be ridden with a moped class 2 license

What makes the LEONART so innovative is its concept. In a nutshell, it's a machine with a 125cc engine mounted on a Harley-like chassis. In the motorcycle industry these days, it's a cliché to say "lightweight and compact with a high-powered engine", but the fact that it's the exact opposite is quite unique.


For example, the flagship model, the PILDER 125, is 2,390mm long. This is longer than the well known Harley "Low Rider". The rear tire size is also an imposing 190 wide. You'd think it was some kind of mega cruiser, but when you look at the license plate, you'll see it's pink (moped type 2), which is a nice surprise. If you don't know anything about motorcycles, you'd never guess that this was a moped, even if you're an expert.

The engine is a liquid-cooled 4-stroke in-line 2-cylinder with FI equipment and is Euro 4 compliant. The latest PILDER 125 has a maximum output of 15ps, which is quite impressive. It has a gorgeous steel double-cradle frame with upside-down forks, a cantilevered aluminum swingarm, and a mono-shock. The front and rear brakes are triple discs, and the suspension is solid as well.

A lineup of five models with a variety of unique characteristics

There are currently six models in the lineup, including highly original custom-style cruisers and neo-classic models, five of which are currently available in Japan.
The aforementioned PILDER 125 is the only sports cruiser with a six-speed transmission and is the top-of-the-line model with luxurious equipment and powerful performance.


The DAYTONA 125 is a traditional cruiser, and like the other models, it is powered by a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, in-line two-cylinder engine that produces approximately 12 horsepower. The motorcycle's rigid frame gives it a classic, authentic look.


The HERITAGE 125 is a compact LEONART model equipped with twin shocks. It has a unique form that is somewhere between a trucker and an American.


The VESSEL 125 is a neo-classic cafe racer with separators, twin shocks, an Imola-style tank and a tan-colored seat.


The TRACKER 125 is a vintage scrambler with the only air-cooled single-cylinder 125cc engine. The upside-down forks, aluminum swingarm, and monoshock are all part of the machine's performance.

The LEONART is a unique and unconventional product. The manufacturer's suggested retail price ranges from 418,000 yen to 594,000 yen (including tax), which is expensive for an original two-wheel drive vehicle, but considering its content, presence, and the fact that it is a foreign motorcycle, it is reasonable. The company currently has six stores nationwide, including Wingfoot (Adachi-ku, Tokyo), the sole importer.

The idea of a huge machine with a small engine is a reversal. It may make you chuckle, but I think the spirit of the Spanish man who took the joke seriously is also brilliant.

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