Top 10 Most Popular Chain Oil (Chain Lube)

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I'm a chain-oil user.

A lubricant that protects the important chain that transfers power from the engine to the tires. Its name is chain oil.

Since chain cleaning is a very popular service, there is a very wide range of chain oils to be used. When it comes to choosing, it's hard to know which one to choose.

So, I will be ranking the most popular chain oils of the first half of 2020! Here's a rundown of all the popular chain oils people are choosing!

Chain maintenance is not difficult and can be done quickly by anyone, but it is a highly effective maintenance. Try to clean your chain this weekend!

The Role of Chain Oil

Chain oil (chain lube) serves to lubricate the chain to keep it riding smoothly at high speeds.

A chain is a metal sprocket that turns at high speed to transmit power, and the sprocket to which the chain is connected is also made of metal. In other words, the running chain is in contact with the metal gears (sprockets) at very high speed, which places a tremendous amount of strain on them. This is then coated with chain oil to reduce the burden on them.

If all of this chain oil dries out and dries up, it can cause a jangling noise, a feeling of chewing sand, or in the worst case, a broken chain, which can lead to a serious accident. All of these things can be prevented with just a few minutes of work, so chain maintenance should be done regularly.

How to choose chain oil

Let's review two items that are easy to use as criteria for making a choice.

Choose the viscosity based on service frequency and driving conditions.

First, the viscosity! Chain oil can be found in "wet", "dry", and "semi-wet". It can be divided into three types of "dry".
Consult with your motorcycle's usage and the frequency of chain cleaning to make your choice.

Wet type

It is a low viscosity, silky, almost liquid chain oil. Most of the containers are bottle type and are used to drip it onto the chain. Because it's close to a liquid, it's easy to apply to the targeted area, and because it's highly permeable, it blends well with the dry chain.

However, the disadvantage of this is that it takes time to dry to some extent, so if you drive it right away, it tends to fly around and get sand and other debris on it while driving. I'd recommend it if you want to clean a crusty chain or do frequent maintenance to keep your motorcycle in good shape!

Dry type

This chain oil has a high viscosity as opposed to wet and dries quickly. This is the main common spray form. There is little splattering when driving immediately after application and the effect is relatively long-lasting.

The downside is that the spray is difficult to apply to a targeted area, and there are problems when applying it, such as the possibility of sticking to a swingarm or tire if it is not cured. The downside is that it's not as good as wet for penetration, so it's not so good for servicing crumbly chains.

Semi-wet/dry (esp. as opposed to dry)

It is a chain oil that has become more popular in recent years and has characteristics that are somewhere between wet and dry. Which is better, lubricating (wet type) or quick-drying (dry type), depends on your motorcycle's maintenance and driving conditions, and you'll need to consult with your motorcycle to decide which is better.

The most common colors are white or clear.

Chain oil comes in two types: colored and clear, with no color. For colored chains and other colored chains, a clear, colorless type is highly recommended for satisfaction after application. Generally speaking, the higher viscous, near-dry type of chain oil is often white in color, while the wet type is often clear.

Another technique is to use this technique in reverse, using the white color of the dry type as a guide to avoid unevenness in application.

Frequency of chain maintenance

Generally speaking, it is advisable to clean the chain once every 500km to 1,000km. However, it is best to lubricate as soon as possible, not as this is the case in wet weather, wet or muddy conditions.

Also, if you only ride it occasionally, it's a good idea to look at the actual condition of the chain, not the mileage, and service it before the ride, etc.

Both of these services can extend the life of the chain and save you from expensive chain replacement costs by servicing it frequently.

Top 10 most popular chain oils for the first half of the year

No. 10 DID|Chainlube

This is a spray-type chain oil from the popular chain brand DID. It seems to be popular because it is easy to penetrate smoothly at the beginning of application, and after a while the viscosity rises and it becomes less likely to be splashed. The liquid is clear and can be applied in a color chain, maintaining a beautiful look.

No. 9 Vipro's|Gressage

Vipulos Gressage, a semi-wet type product that is known for its high film strength and moisture resistance, came in ninth place. No chlorinated extreme pressure additives are used, which also prevents metal oxidation. Impressions show that many users are relatively diligent about maintaining their motorcycle, and there are many repeat purchases. This chain oil is one of the destinations for riders who have tried many chain oils.

Incidentally, it can be used for wires, bearings, metal sliding surfaces, engine assembly and other metal sliding parts in general.

No. 8 YAMALUBE|Super Chain Oil Dry

Coming in at number 8 is Yamaha's chemical brand, Yamalube's Super Chain Oil Dry! It is a non-spattering, non-sticky chain oil like dry chain oil. The color is white type, so it's easy to see where you painted it! The fact that it's a vehicle manufacturer's chain oil is also a reliable factor.

No. 7 SUPER ZOIL - Chain Lub

Super Zoil is famous for its engine additives, but it also has a line of chain lube. This is a clear spray type chain oil. The viscosity is low and easy to penetrate, and there seems to be a bit more shattering.

No. 6 YAMALUBE|Super Chain Oil

This is a wet-mousse type chain oil, which is the twin of the eighth-ranked dry type. It is characterized by a foamy spray of oil with excellent penetration properties, which results in a strong, sticky oil film. Thanks to this, it is highly resistant to wear and tear and is suitable for use in harsh conditions. It is recommended for commuter vehicles and touring riders who ride long distances because of its large capacity (500ml) and high cost performance, as well as its relatively long-lasting oil film!

No.5 WAKOS|CHG Chain Guard

This CHG chain guard is the dry type and has received many impressions that it doesn't splash around too much. It lasts a long time and is a good option if you can't keep up with maintenance. It's white in color, so color chain people beware!

No.4 KURE|Super Chain Lubricants

This is another white, low-splattering chain oil. It's inexpensive and is actually easy to find at home improvement stores. It is a basic chain oil with high cost performance.

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