Leather Care Guide: Washing My Leather Boots with Detergent After 8 Years of Neglect

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Hi, I'm Nao from Webike staff.

I was cleaning out my storage room at home the other day and found a pair of boots I was wearing 8 years ago.

Here it is.

The shoes that went down in the muddy waters.

I wonder if there is anything I can do to maintain these boots so I can wear it again.

The boots that have been hollowed out so far are indeed impossible. I don't know if it's possible.

Daytona Leather Wash for shoes.

In addition to washing leather, it seems to be able to deodorize, sterilize, antibacterial, and even provide nutrition. Is it the best?

The explanation in the manual was long, so I'll summarize it as follows.

This is what it's supposed to do...
"The leather's natural softness is preserved as it is washed and nourished."

I actually tried washing it.

Remove the laces before washing. Honestly, I don't want to touch it because it's too dirty, but I'll take it off.

I took off the laces.

Next, make a washing solution by diluting the detergent with water.

Detergent: dilute with 200 ml of water for 5 caps.
*If the detergent is too light, it may cause the color to fade, so a little thicker is better.

When the washing liquid is ready, I rub the inconspicuous place lightly and test whether the color fades or not.

Since I'm not in a situation where I'm worried about color fading, I'll skip it.

Finally......Put plenty of laundry liquid on the sponge...


Once cleaned up the inside and out of the shoes, rinse quickly with room temperature water. *Do not use hot or lukewarm water as it may damage the leather.

Use a dry towel to carefully absorb water from the outside and inside of the shoes.

Place a roll of tissue or paper into the shoes.

Dry it in the shade in a well ventilated place. *Do not use direct sunlight or a hairdryer, as the leather will be damaged if the temperature rises when wet.

Finish off with a leather cream.

Once the boots are dry, finish it off with a leather cream or oil. I used Renapur's leather treatment.

It's 100% natural and it's a great product that retains, polishes and repels water.

Cream Application

Put the cream on your hands and rub it gently on the leather.

I'm done! Take a look at the finished product and how it's done.

This is what happened to my boots that had been neglected for 8 years.



It's revived!

The dry leather has regained its softness. It has a deep glossy finish with the effect of Renapur.

I'm so happy to see that the boots I was going to throw away are back to this level for around 28 USD (JP).

The liquid still remains, so I'll try to maintain it regularly.

Daytona leather wash is not only for shoes used, but it is also available in jacket and spray types.

If you have a worn out leather item, try this one. I'm sure you will be impressed.

Yes! (smile)

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