Customizing Parts Using a European Style Germany-born HIGHSIDER is Great!


I need to customize my motorcycle fashionably! There are many parts that make such a wish come true.

Some of the parts that can make a big difference in the design include the exterior parts, turn signals, side mirrors, footpegs, and handlebar.

However, turn signals and handlebar need to be wired around. The footpegs and exterior parts are expensive, so it is difficult to get close to your favorite customization.

In this case, how about customizing your side mirrors? You can easily replace side mirrors by removing the bolts, and the price is relatively reasonable.

I especially recommend the bar end mirrors as they completely change the image of the stock side mirrors.

In case you were wondering, I'd like a bar end mirror but it doesn't look good on my motorcycle, right? So, I borrowed a few of the Webike staff's commuter motorcycles to investigate which motorcycles would look good with HIGHSIDER side mirrors!

*Some of the motorcycles we used for this research had OEM handlebars. Normally, I would have used an adapter for the OEM handlebars, but this time I used a universal adapter to see if it would match the motorcycle. It's just what it looks like when it's installed! The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of what to expect, so please use it as a reference only.

A quick explanation of the side mirrors and adapters before the installation.


It has an edgy design that looks like it was made for the Street Fighter series. It's made of machined aluminum, so the fine line pattern of the machined material looks great.

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HIGHSIDER Rod Mirror Stealth X3

This side mirror has a stylish decagonal-shaped mirror and white lines. You're wondering why the arms are white, right? It's not just white. This white area here ... glows!

*It cannot be used as a blinker. Does it glow? How bright is it? I'm sure there will be a variety of comments, but we'll get to that later.

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HIGHSIDER Bar End Mirror Adapter Universal

This design is not too bold to make the side mirrors stand out the most. Of course, since it is a universal product, each part can be combined to fit various handlebar diameters.

This can be used in combination with other parts like this.

In addition to this adapter, there are also adapters for HONDA, YAMAHA, and other manufacturers that can be used with OEM handlebars.

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I've been trying to find the motorcycle that looks best with the most bar end mirrors.

I installed HIGHSIDER bar end mirrors on the 4 motorcycles used by Webike staff for commuting.

The side mirrors are mounted in two directions, upward and downward, and I also check the turning angle of the handlebars for the downward direction.

*The adapter used is universal. As a result, some motorcycles had some interference with the fuel tank and throttle. I recommend you to use the adapter for the OEM handlebar.

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GROM (MSX-125)

We'll start out with the bar end mirrors before we put it on. It's a STD GROM.

Here's the upward facing pattern.

The upward mounting is pretty good, I guess. It's not particularly hard to see, so it might be surprising.

Here's a downward-facing pattern.

I thought it would be good to have it facing down, but when I put it on, the side mirrors hit my knee when I turned the handlebar.

I think this is an unavoidable part of the mini bike. You may be able to use it downward easily with a wider handlebar or an upward facing handlebar.


I used my own motorcycle for verification as well. It is an OEM handlebar but it has been converted to a separate clip-on handlebar. So it may not be very helpful to those who use the OEM handlebars, but since this is an experiment, I'm going to install it!

I felt a bit of discomfort, but the side mirrors don't hit the windscreen or the front of the motorcycle, so I guess I can use it.

This is like the GROM (MSX-125), which cannot be mounted downward and the handlebar cannot be turned off at all.

The cowl is in the way and it's almost impossible to move the handlebars. I feel disappointed.

Brutale 800

We had participated in Italian Jewel, Brutale from MV Agusta. OEM is cool, but let's make it even cooler with bar end mirrors!

The Brutale is also quite stylish, perhaps because it shares the same lineage as the BRUTALE 800 DRAGSTER, the model that comes with the OEM bar end mirrors.

It matched both upward and downward without any discomfort, and the side mirrors never hit the fuel tank or my knees, even when facing down. As expected, it's a Street Fighter. It's very fashionable!


The MT-09 has a milder riding position than the Brutale. However, in other countries, the MT-09 has been customized as a Street Fighter, so it has a lot of customization possibilities.

The fuel tank and front is more rugged than Brutale, so it's the best match for this motorcycle.

It was a very tight clearance, but the downward facing side mirrors never hit the fuel tank or the knees, and the visibility was very good.

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It is playful that glows like a light bar.

This is the side mirrors that I briefly explained from the beginning. I said earlier that it's glowing, and I'm sure you're wondering how it glows!

▼This is how it glows▼

This optional lamp has a luminous intensity of less than 300 candela and is classified as "other lamps" by law. It is recommended to use this lamp in combination with a position lamp or other light. It looks dimly shining, but it's quite bright when you see it up close.

It's a type of installation that interrupts the existing wiring, so depending on the location of the installation, it may be possible to install it.

・Lights up during high beam mode.
・Lights up when keyed on.

And so on where you can be creative in many ways.

If you're looking for a stylish ride, go for the HIGHSIDER!

I've installed it on various motorcycles and the Street Fighter is the coolest of all.

This is just one of the many customizations that have been made. By changing the exterior and front end of the motorcycle, it is possible to make it even better than it looks.

For those who want to keep the price low and still look stylish, I highly recommend HIGHSIDER's side mirrors!

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