A Must-have Item for CUB/MONKEY Riders! U DOM KARNCHANG is the Most Sensible Custom Parts Brand from Thailand.


Have you heard about U DOM KARNCHANG?

Currently, 4 Mini Custom Freak is the most popular in Thailand. K-SPEED, which is the most talked brand when it comes to one of the coolest CUB Custom parts recently, is also from Thailand.

It is not an Asian extraordinary nor a flashy series custom parts. Thailand is the new hottest country that produces custom parts for 4 mini custom with its original and advanced custom.

This time, we will introduce custom parts made by U DOM KARNCHANG, which produces great style from Thailand.

Fish Designed Mouting Bar

I've never seen a design like this! The accessory mount bar also necessary when installing a smartphone or navigation. This way takes on the hands of U DOM KARNCHANG! It becomes a playful part with a fish motif.

Practicality and performance are also important but it is really important to check it for 4 Mini Custom. My CUB has a tactful mobile phone bracket at the back of the leg shields so that you can't see it from the front, but I'd like to show it off by attaching it out at the front!

It also has a practicality as the smartphone mounting bar.

Click here to purchase Smartphone Bracket.

The folding type handlebar reminiscent of the old type Monkey.

The monkey that was born as a leisure motorcycle all along adopts a folding type handlebar (Commonly known as twirl handlebar) to make it easier to attach on the motorcycle. Here are the handlebar parts in order to replicate that style even for the current Monkey 125.

It's not just the cutting edge. It is also great idea of putting out parts that understand the backbone of the motorcycle!

Click here to purchase FOLDABLE HANDLEBAR V2.

The pillion footpeg are also fashionable.

The current Cub C125 has the practicality of being able to ride pillion with ease due to its size. So you will want to make the pillion footpeg stylish as well.

The motorcycle pillion footpeg is a part that is easy to remove when the design is your priority but would you dare to stand out here?

Click here to purchase FOOTPEG.

The brake lever is also fashionable with its leather material.

It becomes a vintage style as soon as you wrap a leather around the brake lever. Since there are leather covers that are easily available, you could say you do the leatherwork yourself from scratch.

Isn't there a custom version of putting a sponge on the brake lever? Is it a neoclassical version?

Click here to purchase BRAKE LEVER [LEATHER COVER].

It has basic side emblem on the tank for MONKEY.

The selection of the tank emblem showcases your skills. Especially for the 4 mini, you want to select parts with a playful mind.

So I would like to recommend this monkey emblem. Ape type emblems are usually cute, but how about this one?

Click here to purchase the LOGO side tank.

A fashioable cover on the horn!

Click here to purchase HORN COVER.

Put the canisters on the CUB chain's peephole!

You know, those CUB which have large chain covers have a peek-a-boo window to check the condition of the chain. Usually it comes with a nondescript black cover, but you can also dress it up too! Canister Cap!

A good canister that will make you motivated!

Click here to purchase CHAIN PPOTECTER CAP.

Don't miss out on this new trend of 4 mini-customs!

It is not exaggerated to say that Thailand is the most exciting place for 4 Mini Custom right now. The innovative and ideas that go beyond the confines of the 4 Mini show us a new frontier in 4 Mini customization.

If you want to try a new kind of customization, this is the one for you. If you want to try something different from your surroundings, you may want to try something different. If you feel that way, you might want to take a look at Thailand's customization.

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