You can do anything you want with grease! Summary of maintenance that can be done with grease


Is it grease?

Grease up is one of the most basic maintenance tasks, just like washing a car.
I'm sure you, the wise readers of Webike Magazine, are busy greasing up your car.
Huh? You didn't? That's a big deal.

There are many, many parts on your bike that need to be greased up, and having them will give you a whole lot more maintenance!

So, I'm going to show you some of the maintenance you can do with grease, dralla-la-la-la!

First, let's review the types of grease!

First, let's review the different types of grease!
There are various types of grease depending on the application.
Apply the right amount of grease to the right place. This is the basis of grease maintenance.

urea grease

It is also known as urea grease.
It is probably the most frequently used basic grease and is useful for greasing up various places.
Its features are excellent water and heat resistance.
This grease is often used in moving parts such as bearings and bearings, which tend to rise in temperature due to friction.

It is also called multi-purpose grease.

molybdenum grease

Extremely high pressure grease.
This grease is suitable for places where there is high contact pressure between metals or where heavy load is applied to lubricate.
This grease is used to prevent galling and seizure.
Its weaknesses are that it is heat-sensitive, low in viscosity, and is easily washed away by water.

Keep in mind that the grease should be moderate.

silicone grease

It is not suitable for lubricating metal, but it has the property of not having an adverse effect on rubber and plastic parts.
In the case of motorcycles, it is suitable for lubricating the parts with rubber gaskets.
This is the grease that you can always use for overhauling the brake area.

Here's some maintenance where grease up works!

Grease is the foundation of maintenance!
But when it comes to applying the right amount of grease in the right places, it's important to make sure you know how to do it beforehand.
There's a whole lot of grease up stories in Webike Magazine, so here's an example!

First, grease up the brake lever.

DIY! How to Grease Up Brake Lever Taught by Professional Mechanic
Speaking of the brake system and lubricant, they are like cats and dogs, but some parts require lubrication. The pivot bolt of the brake lever is required to grease up in order to op...

The easiest grease up to experience would be the brake lever for me.
Grease up is a must to keep the lever running smoothly!
It's not hard by any means, so it's a quick challenge!

If the clutch is heavy, clean & grease it up!

DIY! "How to Lubricate and Clean Clutch Cable"
Regular maintenance is essential for motorcycles that are using cables for lever operation such as throttle and clutch. If you keep riding on your motorcycle without maintenance and the inner cable do...

In general, the bigger the bike, the heavier the clutch tends to be, is it really just the clutch that's causing it?
Maybe it's the lever or clutch cable?
So, if you have any idea what you're doing, grease up your clutch cables!
This one isn't that difficult either.

Is the handle caught? Is something funny? Then grease up the stem bearing!

DIY! How to Grease Up Steering Stem Bearings, Get Smooth Handling
The reason the steering turns smoothly when cornering is due to the stem bearing that exists between ...

Like the lever, one of the easiest lubrication problems to experience is the stem bearing, which is responsible for smooth handlebar movement.
This is one of the areas you want to periodically grease up.
If you find that the handlebars are caught in some way, it's a warning sign. It's a danger sign if you see any symptoms of a sticking handlebar. Grease it up ASAP!

Grease up the bearings for a comfortable rotation

DIY! How to Grease Up Bearings Taught by Professional Mechanic
Bearings are essential for the smooth rolling of the wheel, but the grease affects the performance of the bearings. The bearings embedded in the rolling part are applied with grease for lubrication....

There are a few areas on the bike where bearings are used, and they're all very important to grease up!
When the rumbling starts, or rather, before it starts, the bearings should be greased!

If left unattended, the bearings might seize up and lock up....

You're forgetting something. Grease up the swing arm

DIY! How to Grease Up the Swingarm and Brake Pedal
The moveable parts of the motorcycle require proper lubrication, both in the engine and in the motorcycle itself, before worst-case situations occur suc...

There are so many situations where grease comes into play in the undercarriage!
Of those, the wheel and stem bearings are the ones most people care about, but don't forget to grease up the swing arm area!
Do it if you want to enjoy your car in perfect condition!

Grease also comes in handy when the brakes are squealing badly.

DIY! "How to Eliminate Brake Squeal" Taught by Professional Mechanics
It is known that the application of the oil adhesion to the brake rotor and pad surface is strictly prohibited, but to prevent unpleasant squeaking brake noise, it is necessary to apply grease with an...

You don't want oil on your brakes. This is just common sense, but if your brakes are squeaking, you might want to grease them up. Maybe.
Here's how to apply pad grease, which I recommend you do when changing the pads.

A good relationship between bike and rider made of grease

In this article, I've put together a list of grease up maintenance.
In addition to this, grease up is a process that occurs in many other places.
But if you choose the wrong grease, or apply too much or too little or in the wrong place, you won't get the proper effect.
And grease up is plain. For some people, it's not even done at all.
But by doing this kind of modest maintenance, you can find small abnormalities during the work.
There is a big difference between a bike that has been treated with such care and a bike that has not been treated with such care, and you can tell just by riding it.

Grease up is not just about applying grease.
It's basic maintenance, but there's more to it than that. It's basic maintenance, but there's more to it than that.

Welcome to the world of grease!

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