Hello everyone, I'm OGA, Japanese stunt rider. It was the first day of the test ride event, and the last time I rode on the HARLEY-DAVISON SOFTAIL series are LOW RIDER S, FAT BOB, and STREET BOB, and rode the off-road custom STREET 750 at the hill climb venue. And on the second day, the final day of the test ride event, I also rode the HERITAGE CLASSIC and SPORT GLIDE of the SOFTAIL family!

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Both the HERITAGE CLASSIC and the SPORT GLIDE, which I will be going to test ride, they are cruising type of motorcycles within the SOFTAIL family, and with large-capacity pannier cases and cruise control, it is a very comfortable motorcycle to ride at high speed.


The HERITAGE CLASSIC has a soft seat, wide windscreen, and flat footboards, and it is a specification to make the long-distance riding easier in the SOFTAIL family. Also, it can be said that it is a model that combines a classic and gorgeous style with stylish spoke wheels, retro fenders, three-line LED headlights.

On the other hand, SPORTS GLIDE is a model that also compatible with long-distance cruising, but the style is very different.


The stylish bikini cowl, sporty seat and pannier cases, simple front fender, and machined aluminium front wheels are all for long-distance riding model that looks pretty sporty style finished. On the morning of the 2nd day of the test ride, I will compare this 2 motorcycles.

First I ride from the HERITAGE CLASSIC

At this test ride event, journalists took photos and videos for articles and YouTube. First of all, I took a test ride on the HERITAGE CLASSIC and moved while touring to the shooting spot. I ride on highways and mountain paths, but everyone's pace is fast and I feel like I'm leaving a little (I'm sweating), so I'll try my best to open the accelerator and catch up with the group. At this moment, the HERITAGE CLASSIC quickly reduced the distance. It accelerates at a stretch with a large displacement of 114ci (1868cc). It was a feeling that it was indeed of 114ci.

And here's something I noticed while riding on the highway. On the previous day of the test ride event, I rode 3 Motorcycles of HARLEY-DAVIDSON the LOW RIDER S, FAT BOB, and STREET BOB, but HERITAGE CLASSIC was much easier than them.

The wide windscreen protects the body from the wind, and the soft seat is very comfortable to sit on, and the footboard is even more surprising. The flat footpeg, coupled with soft seat and upright handlebar position, was wrapped in a strange feeling as if they were riding while sitting on the sofa in the room. So much for that, the HERITAGE CLASSIC was a pleasant ride.

In addition, I also try cruise control. It was really easy to move at high speed because it kept a constant speed when I operated the switch. Maybe it's just only me, but when I was riding the motorcycle for a long time, I had a painful constitution on the back of the accelerator side, and it was always a very syndrome. However, I was able to use my cruise control to rest my right arm and greatly reduce my back pain. You can relax and do long-distance cruising. That is the HERITAGE CLASSIC.

Arrived at the shooting point, next I ride the SPORT GLIDE!

The shooting point took place around a lake called Iznajar.

The staff is shooting us while going back and forth on a tight mountain pass road with a gradient. One thing I felt immediately after changing to the SPORT GLIDE was the difference in handlebar position. The position which was low and slightly forward position was small, and it was a sporty operation feeling like operating the motorcycle under the body. The seat is solid compared to the HERITAGE CLASSIC. It was just a specification called "sports".

I started riding and immediately crossed the long bridge. On the bridge, I thought "Windy!", but when I thought about the weather, I didn't have a wide windscreen like the HERITAGE CLASSIC, but on the other hand, the view was good and I was able to see the magnificent lake from the bridge. The wide windscreen is comfort, but it might be a little distracting when you enjoy nature. (By the way, the HERITAGE CLASSIC windscreen can be easily removed.). Then, I cross the bridge and climb the steep mountain pass path. Here, I was able to experience the difference in power between SPORT GLIDE and HERITAGE CLASSIC. The SPORT GLIDE (107ci / 1745cc), but I'm accelerating and climbing uphill, but HERITAGE CLASSIC (114ci / 1868cc) climb more powerful. It was the impression that the motorcycle is going up in 114ci / 1868cc in the power competition indeed.

By the way, both windscreen and pannier cases can be removed.

Screens and panniers cases are removable for both HERITAGE CLASSIC and SPORT GLIDE. When it removed the ruggedness of HARLEY-DAVIDSON becomes stronger, it looks like a completely different motorcycle. For short touring, you can remove the pannier cases and windscreen and enjoy the style with a focus on coolness. It's a great deal to be able to express the style of two units with one unit. If you are interested, please try to remove the windscreen and pannier cases by all means. It's going to change amazingly!


It was the same cruising model in the same SOFTAIL series, but there was a clear difference. It was a test ride event that I learned a lot as a rider whether the impression would change so much by a little difference of the motorcycle.

Besides, the video shows how this touring reviews was made. I tried my best to edit the video together with the cool music background, so please check it out as well.

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