Webike Recommended Motorcycle Lock! Anti-theft Measures to Avoid Regrets

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Did you know!? More than 20,000 motorcycles are stolen every year in Japan. It calculates that 60 motorcycles per day have been stolen.

Moreover, the motorcycle parking lot and the bicycle parking lot occupy half of the cases at the top, and there are lots of homes and the apartment house next, and it rises to 9% of the whole when combined with both though cases in a place where it was stolen.

There is no perfect motorcycle anti-theft security!

Apart from the huge locks and cutters that were talked about on TV a few years ago, most of the security locks that line up in stores seem to be destroyed when they are hit by a professional thief. Security locks should only be considered as a time-consuming for destruction.

On the other hand, those who steal do not want to carry the unnecessary risk, so at the stage of doing the study, if the time required is likely to take, you will be forced to change the target.

Covering the motorcycle is the first step to prevent theft

It doesn't mean that if you hang the cover on the motorcycle, it won't be stolen. However, it is important to be aware of the situation of a motorcycle (motorcycle type, motorcycle condition, frequency of use, etc.) that is not communicated to others. There are various types and price ranges of covers, but choose the one that suits your motorcycle size and usage environment (outdoor / indoor, etc.).

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Choose a motorcycle lock that suits your storage situation!

Types of motorcycle locks

The motorcycle lock can be classified into 4 types greatly depending on the lock shape and function. I have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of each motorcycle lock, so please use that data as a reference.

[Chain lock]

Chain lock is the most common security lock. There are a wide variety of motorcycle locks such as sizes, lengths, thicknesses, and shapes of locks, as well as prices that range from an average of 1 USD sold for bicycles and to those that cost more than 100 USD.


  • Easy to install due to its high degree of freedom in shape.
  • It is easy to choose the one according to the usage situation in thickness, length, strength, and there are also many locks with excellent portability.


[U-shaped lock]

To prevent the destruction of the security lock, do not allow the gap to insert the tool to be destroyed. The U-shaped lock is the most difficult lock shape to destroy at that point. Also, the lock body can be manufactured more firmly than the chain shape.


  • Since the shape is difficult to the destruction tool to use, it makes the theft hesitant to steal.


[Disk lock]

It is a lock that prevents the wheels from turning and prevents theft by locking the brake disc.


  • Since lock body is small, you can carry it to the destination such as touring.


[Alarm lock]

The immobilizer is a system in which the alarm sounds at high volume when it senses the motorcycle vibration. The alarm does not fix the motorcycle, but it is a system that becomes a major obstacle in the theft.


  • Unlike other locks, you can use it anytime and anywhere by mounting it on the motorcycle.


  • Knowledge is required for installation.
  • When the battery of the key runs out, it is not possible to release and the alarm is left ringing.

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How to use a motorcycle lock

There are 2 points to keep in mind when using the lock.

① It is ideal to have 2 locks

Unfortunately, any lock can be destroyed. However, the longer it takes to destroy, the more difficult it is to steal. In other words, the more you simply increase the number of locks, the lower the probability of being stolen.

② "Utilizing Earth Rock"

Most locks are to lock the wheels so that the motorcycle cannot move. However, there are also cases where the motorcycle is loaded in the automobile for the time being, and later unlocked/destroyed. Therefore, it is important to connect the lock with the fixed structure so that the motorcycle can not be moved from the spot.

Which bike lock do you recommend?

Recommendation of G-LOCK

One of the recommended locks is G-LOCK. It is a motorcycle lock released by YAMAHSHIRO, a long-established motorcycle industry that boasts its 68th anniversary. The necessary and sufficient performance is certain, and it has a good reputation for being built for actual usability, and the recommended price is reasonable.

Silicone Chain Lock

Adopted the 12mm square chain that has undergone quenching processing, achieving the high strength and high cutting resistance. Since the cylinder part is covered with a silicon cover, it is difficult to damage your motorcycle.

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Cylinder Square Lock

Since it is a square shape, it can be used widely. The G-LOCK series adopted the familiar smart release system. The 3 keys are attached, and a dimple key that is strong against picking is adopted.

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Steel Link Lock

Since it uses a 4-digit dial lock that allows you to set your PIN freely, you don't have to carry your key around. The size is 1200mm in length and 19mm link diameter, which is easy to use. The key cylinder has a lid to prevent the entry of mud, and the key is equipped with an LED light to make it easier to find the keyhole at night.

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Motorcycle lock summary

If the world is truly peaceful, anti-theft measures may not be necessary. However, as mentioned at the beginning, a considerable number of motorcycles are stolen every day. It's too late to regret after your motorcycle is stolen, so let's do what we can do in advance!

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