The ride quality of a motorcycle is determined by the engine, Part 1.

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I've been stuck at home for a long time due to the Corona disaster, but that's when it's time to learn more about motorcycles. It might be a good idea. So I'd like to think about motorcycle engines.

20 times different in displacement and 40 times different in power.

To a motorcycle, the engine is the heart and muscle. It is the source of power that generates the energy to run. It is no exaggeration to say that the ride quality of a motorcycle is determined by the engine.
Power is an indicator of an engine's performance. Generally speaking, the larger the displacement, the more power it tends to produce.

For example, the maximum output of a 50cc moped is about 5ps, but a 1000cc class super With the sport, you'll get over 200 hp. That's a difference of 20 times in displacement and 40 times in power. Power is a work rate, simply put, how much weight you can move a meter per second. Represented.
As a unit of measure, horsepower is often expressed in terms of horsepower = ps or, more recently, kW. For example, 1 horsepower (1ps) means the power to move a 75kg object 1 meter per second. It will be. The actual power of the horse is about 2-3 hp (Thoroughbreds can get close to 20 hp at a moment's notice, for example). Apparently, a human being wouldn't be able to get 1 hp out of it without being a pretty good athlete.
When you think about it, that's a big deal, even with the power of a moped.

The acceleration of the liter SS is on par with a F1 car.

Back to the story, motorcycles have a 40 times greater power difference depending on displacement, while mopeds weigh more than If it's about 80kg, it's only about 200kg in the liter class, a difference of about 2.5 times as much! . So, large displacement machines have a power to weight ratio (PWR = weight per unit of horsepower) of The general consensus is that it has better acceleration performance because it is lower.

For example, a 200 hp, 200 kg liter SS with 200 hp would have a PWR value of 1.0 and a 5 hp An 80kg moped will have a 16.0 as well. By the way, the only place in the world of 4-wheeled vehicles where the PWR is less than 1.0 is in F1. You can see why motorcycles are considered to have excellent acceleration performance.

Large displacement machines are difficult, but also very satisfying.

However, the superior acceleration performance means that the car reaches a tremendous speed in an instant. It is not easy to turn and stop safely while controlling the speed. In addition, the larger the displacement, the heavier the car is, because the chassis needs to be strong enough to withstand the power. It also affects kinetic performance.

In order to control the mighty power and weight, or kinetic energy, of a big bike. Along with accurate recognition, judgment, and operation, self-control is also required. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to control a large bike, and conversely, it is a great pleasure to be able to control a large bike as you wish. It will be very satisfying.

Small displacement machines are fun to get out of.

On the other hand, small-displacement machines up to 250cc can be easily maneuvered and have a lightweight and compact body. Live and enjoy the nimble handling that larger bikes don't have. Also, even if the aforementioned PWR can't compete with larger displacement machines, it's physically lighter, so the braking distance is much greater. It's also shorter and often beats it in cornering speed.
Depending on where you are, it can be fun to get the performance out of the engine at full throttle due to the lack of power! Hey. In other words, it's easy to start riding, and depending on the rider's skills, it can be as good as a big bike! That is to say. But if you take it easy, even if it's a moped, it can lead to serious injury.

Motorcycles are more different than cars in the sense that the engine makes a big difference in the ride quality. By riding various displacement models, you can understand the real pleasure and charm of motorcycles more deeply. I think you'll enjoy it. Please try it out.

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