The Revelation of the New Lightweight Single Sports “GIXXER 250” in this Modern Era!

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▲ "GIXXER SF 250" Metallic Matte Black No. 2

SUZUKI full-cowl sports model "GIXXER SF 250" will be released in Japan on April 24th, and the Naked Type "GIXXER 250" will be released in Japan from June 17th. Let's take a look at what kind of model it is and summarize its features.

Oil-cooled single-cylinder packed with the latest technology

The GIXXER 250 series is a new-generation 250cc sports model that was unveiled at the "Tokyo Motor Show 2019" last year. The most notable feature is that the GIXXER 250 is equipped with a newly developed oil-cooled single-cylinder engine. Oil-cold single-cylinder? When I hear that, it tends to have an image of an old-fashioned motorcycle, but actually this is a great motorcycle, packed with the technology of MotoGP.

SUZUKI has long been good at oil cooling systems cultivated in the old GSX-R series, but what is adopted in the new GIXXER is not a method to inject engine oil from the conventional combustion chamber, instead a new method has been adopted to circulate the oil around the head to improve cooling efficiency like a water cooling jacket. In addition, a special coating is applied to the piston to reduce friction, achieving high rotation speed, high output, and excellent fuel efficiency. In terms of engine layout, the single-cylinder and SOHC (single camshaft) design, also have the advantage of being lightweight and compact.

▲ "GIXXER 250" Metallic Matte Platinum Silver No. 2 / Metallic Matte Black No. 2

2ps more powerful and 20kg lighter than the GSX250R

The GSX250R is also excellent in specifications. For example, the maximum output power of the GIXXER SF 250 is 26ps / 9000rpm and the curb weight is 158kg (154kg for the GIXXER 250), but for reference, the 250 sports series of SUZUKI on the other side is 2ps higher than the GSX250R of the inline 2-cylinder, on the contrary, the GIXXER SF 250 curb weight is 20kg lighter than the GSX250R. This means good acceleration performance.

▲ "GSX250R" Metallic Triton Blue No. 2

▲ "GIXXER SF 250" Metallic Triton Blue

There is a word "power-weight ratio" often read in the magazine of the motorcycles and automobiles. This is calculated by the value divided by horsepower weight in what is called the weight output ratio. To put it simply, how many kilograms are being moved at 1 horsepower? It is said that the lower this number is, the better the power-weight ratio, and it is an indicator of acceleration performance.

The power-weight ratio of the GIXXER SF 250 is 6.0, which is superior to the GSX250R's 7.4 in terms of numerical values. For reference, the inline 2-cylinder power-weight ratio, which is also called super sports even in 250cc, can drain water such as YZF-R25 (4.8), NINJA250 (4.4), CBR250RR (4.3), but In the first place, it doesn't make sense to compare these machines side-by-side with different standing positions.

A fun motorcycle that combines sports and practicality

The GIXXER 250 series is a lightweight fun motorcycle that allows you to easily enjoy sporty riding, and the lightweight and compact chassis based on the GIXXER 150 combines the convenience as a commuter. On the other hand, the GSX250R is based on the GSR250, which is suitable for touring with a spacious large body and has the origin of different characters. It's clear from the view of the dimensions, that the GIXXER 250 has a wheelbase of 1345mm, while the GSX250R has a length of about 10cm, 1430mm, and the caster angle is also 25.35 degrees against 24.20 degrees of GIXXER 250. In other words, the handling of the GIXXER 250 is light and agile, and the GSX250R is more stable. In that sense, the GSX250R might be better suited for long touring.

Is the lightweight single sport is revived?

▲ "GIXXER SF 250" Metallic Matte Platinum Silver No.2

In terms of price, the GIXXER SF 250 is around 4,400 USD (Japan), which is overwhelmingly more reasonable than the CBR250RR (around 7,400 USD), NINJA250 (around 6,000 USD), and YZF-R25 (around 5,700 USD), and even cheaper than the GSX250R (around 5,000 USD). *Price based in Japan market. In addition, the GIXXER SF 250 is excellent in fuel efficiency, and a lot of advantages in terms of cost, such as running as much as 45.0km/L with 2 passengers.

It is rare to find a model like the GIXXER SF 250/250 that has a unique direction among the recent 250cc sports models where the performance competition is intensifying and sharpening. The revival of the old and new concept of "lightweight single sport", which enjoys the original light riding style of the motorcycle, will also be pleased with the meaning of expanding the spirit of the rider.

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