MV Agusta CEO Interview “Nowadays High-performance Motorcycles are Dangerous for Beginners”

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Timur Sardarov's true feelings on the matter

I wrote about the Brutale 1000 in my previous column, and after a test ride, I returned to MV Agusta's headquarters and had the opportunity to interview CEO Timur Saldahov.

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I was impressed by the fact that the Brutale was built primarily to keep things under control rather than to be exciting, but when I talked to him about it, I got a surprising answer. "We, the motorcycle manufacturers, need to understand the rider in general. I mean, a lightweight bike with over 100 hp is just scary for a beginner, right? It's dangerous enough."

It's a unique real opinion of his self-entitled "ordinary rider", and that's exactly how I feel. It's true that while I have been impressed by the never-stop high-performance and the ability to manipulate it, I also couldn't help but think that this was for a limited number of riders. In other words, it's not hard to say that motorcycles have evolved in recent years with a focus on a limited number of riders.

That said, it's also true that the evolution of high-performance cannot be reversed, and the answer to that was the Brutale 1000.

The motorcycle is something you should be able to use as your legs and play with wherever you feel like it.

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I've always said that a motorcycle should be something you can use as your legs and still play with wherever you feel like it. That was the starting point for the fun of motorcycles, and also for me, it was the starting point for having fun to ride motorcycles.

However, in recent years, the focus has been on only a limited number of maniac riders, which may have contributed to the trend away riders from motorcycles. However, it may be that many riders are tired of the pursuit of maniacality.

Of course, European motorcycle manufacturers are trying to make young riders more familiar with motorcycles by bringing attractive and reasonably priced small and medium displacement models from Indian and Southeast Asian production to the market. According to Mr. Sardarov, MV Agusta is also developing parallel-twin models of the 300, 400, and 600cc produced in China.

It made me realize that every manufacturer in the world is working towards building an ideal society for motorcycles.

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