K-FACTORY’s True Effort: The KAWASAKI Z900RS Customized Machine


The K-FACTORY located in Osaka has developed a captivating customization for the Z900RS making it stunning for those who were a former rider of the Z900RS. The Z900RS customized machine of the K-FACTORY features an upright front fork and twin rear suspension. The undercarriage has been significantly changed from its OEM model.

I would like to introduce the included custom parts of the Z900RS, the latest model reminiscent of the former KAWASAKI, which completely transformed its style into a modern vintage model. Lastly, you must watch the Z freak video introduces at the end of this article.

1. Special parts symbolizing true effort as K-FACTORY signature

1.1 ■ CLR-RG + Full Exhaust Hexagonal Silencer (JMCA approved)

Let me introduce the custom parts symbolizing the K-FACTORY signature in the proper order. The CLR-RG + full exhaust system is attractive having a starting gold color, the special color of K-FACTORY. The exhaust pipe is made of titanium and the end pipe is made of duralumin, which significantly improved its uniqueness. Since it has JMCA certification, it is possible to travel on public roads as well.

1.2 ■ Upright triple tree suspension fork


For those who wish to exchange parts from an OEM inverted front fork to an upright front fork, the upright triple tree suspension fork with Φ43mm is recommended. Since it is made with high-precision machined aluminum, for those who want to enjoy heritage customization would be worth checking the parts because it has the effect of increasing its rigidity and decreasing its weight.

1.3 ■ Swingarm: New big size


This is a big size swingarm with newly developed “90 x 30” material. With the concept of “throttle opening and turning at the corner”, this swingarm has improved its rigidity and flexibility aside from being lighter than OEM swingarm. It is a recommended product for high-speed cornering on the circuit as well as street use.

1.4 ■ Aluminum tail cover


An aluminum tail cover to achieve a longer tail look through covering the OEM tail cover. This a dress-up parts that definitely enhances its customization, and could be said unique parts to K-FACTORY considering its complete customization for the whole machine.

1.5 ■ Radiator core guard


The advocacy of the K-FACTORY logo raging on a radiator core guard. It has both corrosion resistance and strength, made of stainless steel. With a honeycomb mesh structure, the fined mesh close to the center where it’s prone to catching road debris making it easier to protect the radiator.

1.6 ■ V type stand hook (for K-FACTORY swingarm)


For the K-FACTORY swingarm, a special V-shaped stand hook can be attached. The maintainability is outstanding when used in combination with the ultra lightweight titanium stand from the other brand.

1.7 ■ Tail tidy kit

This tail tidy kit could make your motorcycle look sharper as many riders who would like to customize the tail tidy kit at first when having a brand new motorcycle. This motorcycle is also equipped with a titanium plate folder, and a stainless steel reflector bracket compatible with the titanium plate folder, finishing the motorcycle with a higher degree of perfection.

2. Notable parts for the long-awaited products

2.1 ■ Bracket set for twin suspension (prototype)


Many of you may have noticed the introduction of the swingarm, but the Z900RS with K-FACTORY specs has been retrofitted with twin suspension. The rear shock adopted OHLINS and bracket set for twin suspension for receiving the suspension. As the bracket is not yet released, those who wish to purchase the bracket to make it a twin suspension should wait for the follow-up report.

2.2 ■ Aluminum rear sprocket (prototype)


This motorcycle received weight reduction with a heartwarming effort making it visible in every aspect including the sprocket. Duralumin, a light-alloy material used in aircraft and other materials, is adopted to achieve nimble riding footwork.

2.3 ■ Front caliper support: For 310mm disc brake (prototype)


Taking a glance into the BREMBO logo, the disc brake has been updated from the OEM diameter of 300mm to 310mm. Caliper support is also retrofitted in accordance with the larger diameter of the disc brake. Duralumin is commonly used for the caliper support.

2.4 ■ Pillion steps & aluminum silencer bracket (prototype)


Modifying the position of the pillion steps and silencer bracket is required since the exhaust system may have been changed to an up-type K-FACTORY full exhaust system. Since it is still a prototype at present, the right pillion steps interfere and unable to expand with the silencer bracket, lol! This will be improved until the time of release as expected.

3. Watch the video of the Z900RS Custom Machine by K-FACTORY

K-FACTORY’s true effort has given me enough insight through this article. Moreover, Webike did not hesitate to film this customized Z900RS image. Please watch the video for more details as there are many parts that couldn’t be introduced in this article.

4. Customized Parts Introduction

Although I introduced various parts in this article, do you have any concerns about some parts? Anyway, you can also purchase the parts I introduced on Webike page! (Except for featured parts that are awaiting commercialization)

Lastly, I’m going to attach the product page links below, so please refer to the sample model of K-FACTORY as a reference to customize your beloved motorcycle!

Click for product detail CLR-RG + Titanium Full Exhaust
Click for product detail Upright Triple Tree Suspension Fork
Click for product detail Swingarm
Click for product detail Tail Cover
Click for product detail Radiator Core Guard
Click for product detail V-type Stand Hook
Click for product detail Tail Tidy Kit

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