What is BMW’s middle scooter “C400X / GT”?


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Redefine as urban mobility to enjoy

BMW announces middle size scooters "BMW C400X" and "BMW C400 GT". They will be sold domestically on January 26 and February 8, respectively.

There are already so-called premium-class maxi scooters, such as "C600 Sport" and "C650 GT" released in 2012, and electric type "C Evolution", but this time the C400 series is easier to handle It is a segment newly added as an urban commuter of medium displacement class.

It is said that it is finished in a model that can actively enjoy as urban mobility as well as means for movement with a new design from the engine to the motorcycle body. By type, C400X is lighter and more sporty, C400GT is Gran Turismo with emphasis on long distance and comfort in tandem.



Enhanced safety equipment for powerful water cooling 350 cc

The engine and the body are common, and the newly developed water-cooled 350 cc single cylinder engine realizes the maximum output 34 ps (25 kw). The drive system adopts innovative swing arm · bearing which suppresses vibration, and the drive train · swing arm which increased torsional rigidity in the same CVT (constant speed transmission) gear box as a general scooter.

In addition, the basic skeleton of the motorcycle body is made of a solid steel tubular frame, a telescopic type at the front, and a spring strut type at the rear, adopting two shocks to realize sporty running and comfort. The front and rear wheels are equipped with a triple disc brake and ABS to demonstrate high braking power and equipped with ASC (automatic stability control), ensuring safety on slippery roads. Like other models of BMW, ETC 2.0 is standard equipped in Japan specifications.


BMW-like advanced character as well as two personality

Each design is also unique. While the C400X is equipped with left and right asymmetric LED headlights reminiscent of the GS series, the C400GT adopts a symmetrical two-lamp LED type equipped with a light guide element considering aerodynamics, such as a Gran Turismo-like quality Saya features a style that emphasizes vibrancy.

C400XT is a sporty specification of the front and rear integral type, whereas the C400GT assumes full-fledged tandem running such as equipped with a tandem footboard and a spoiler type large screen on a double seat with backrest It has become specification. Also, in addition to the two compartments built in the leg shield, the C650 series also has a popular flex case under the seat, smart storage is also unique in BMW.

Furthermore, if equipped with the optional BMW Motorrad connectivity, it is also possible to intuitively control operations such as sound play, navigation, and calling by using a multi-controller on the handlebar in conjunction with the TFT display and smartphone, such as BMW It is a model with advancedness and luxury feeling.

BMW which can be ridden by ordinary two-wheel driver's license

Based on the already-proven C650 series concept, the C400 series can move the city more easily as a commuter, and if it becomes worrisome, it can comfortably perform middle-distance commuting from the suburbs including high-speed movement, the breadth of the pocket It will be a well-balanced one with.

And the price is affordable as a luxury import motorcycle, around 900,000 yen (C400X = 851,000 yen ~ / C400GT = 91,200 yen ~ ※ tax included) and it is affordable. Above all, in Japan it is BMW that you can ride with a two-wheeled driver's license normally, and status will also be attractive.

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