MOTO HACK: Installing the Down Fender of SEROW to the XR230!

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Honda XR230 OEM HACK

Introducing the passionate story of TT-R who rides the XR230, from Webike Community's "MOTO HACK" campaign.

He will share how to divert the OEM parts of the XR230 since 
he is the owner.

A brief self-introduction

Motorcycle introduction

I had been using the Serow 225 for many years, but when it was replaced by the 250, I felt it was a bit different and switched to the final XR230, which at the time was the lightest motorcycle in the 250 class.

How I enjoy my motorcycle every day?

I used to go on expeditions to other prefectures in search of long forest roads, but nowadays I mainly look for forest roads in the vicinity. I also do an abandoned road attack (^^;)

A brief description of this HACK

Here's how to prevent mud splash on the XR230 by diverting the stock Serow parts.
The Serow 225 was a really well-built off-road motorcycle. While it was inferior to the water-cooled DT series in terms of fast performance, it had a number of advantages over today's off-road motorcycles when it came to enjoying riding off the road.

One of those features was anti-fouling performance. The front and rear fenders and chain covers were designed to protect the motorcycle from mud and water. The rear fender is a great piece of work. The fenders are one piece and there is nothing on the inside, so it cleans up quickly with a hose.

In that regard, the XR230 has a jointed rear fender that is easily clogged with dirt and is difficult to clean off, and the front fender has a short rear end that allows mud to hit the cylinder head area. After driving on muddy forest roads, the ignition coil is covered in mud.

In an attempt to do something about it, I thought about diverting the down-fender from the Serow 250.

Parts, tools, and things needed for this HACK

Item: Front Fender 2
Part number: 3C5-21556-00
Required Qty: 1

This is one of the few parts of the Serow 250 that I can appreciate. It's a well thought out shape and yet it's lightweight. It's also inexpensive. A lightweight flap was added to the rear end to further enhance stain resistance.

How to do the HACK, explanation, work instructions, etc.

The biggest problem would be the production of the mounting brackets. You can't find anything like this for sale anywhere, so you have to make your own. If it's heavy, it's not suitable for an off-road motorcycles, so it's made from machined lightweight aluminum material.

Cut 2 mm thick aluminum sheets to make four rectangular aluminum sheets first. Bend it to get to the front forks. Make bolt holes for mounting. I do this in a nutshell with a physical match.

It's difficult to match the actual material with aluminum, so it's better to make a dummy out of cardboard, make a mold with cardboard, and then try aluminum.

The aluminum bracket is installed like this. All the bolts and nuts should be made of aluminum as well.

This prevents the mud from hitting the front tires from hitting the cylinder head area. I no longer have to wash the back of the gas tank.

Summary of HACK

The thing is that washing the motorcycle after returning from a muddy forest road was a breeze. I've removed it for all but the maddest of forest roads, but it could be good for long term touring.


It's probably the weight, but the total weight, including the bolts and nuts, is only 220g, so it doesn't feel as heavy around the front end after it's installed. The front forks are spaced narrower on the XR230 than on the Serow, so the fender rubs against the dust boot, which may be a problem.


If you are an off-road enthusiast who is bothered by the mud splatter on the front fender, I think you should try it with any motorcycle, not just the XR230. It's also nice to be able to remove it when you don't need it.

The Serow 250's rear fender is lightweight and inexpensive (about a little over 1,000 yen), which lowers the bar to try.

Thank you, TT-R, for posting that valuable OEM diversion HACK!

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