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Yamaha XTZ125 OEM Diversion HACK

Introducing the passionate story from TT-R who rides the XTZ125, from Webike Community "MOTO HACK" campaign.

He will share how to divert the OEM parts of the XTZ125, which he knows well because he is the owner.

A brief self-introduction

My current off-bikes are the XR230 and KLX125, but I also used to love the Chinese XTZ125, which I tinkered with quite a bit.

The usual way to enjoy riding off the motorcycle is through the woods. These days, the forest roads are not as paved and there are no more dirt roads that go on for 10km like in the past.

A brief description of this HACK

Parts are not readily available for the Chinese XTZ125, but it can be modified using genuine parts from other vehicles. I will introduce two points for playing in the woods.

First is how to make the change pedal retractable. Next, I will show you how to lower the reduction ratio.

Parts, tools and things needed for this HACK

Change pedal diversion

Yamaha DT125/For 200
item's stock number: 3BN-18110-00

Use of sprocket holder

Part number: 9900-18400
Part number: 90209-16209

How to do the HACK, explanation, work instructions, etc.

Change pedal diversion

Change to a retractable change pedal so that the change pedal does not bend when you fall on a forest road. The Chinese XTZ125 can be equipped with the same change pedals as the Yamaha DT125/200.

However, since the splines are the same, they will fit, but since the shape is different, they will not fit easily as they are. It is necessary to change the bend to fit the XTZ125. This may be a little difficult in the sense that it is not possible to install it without modification. I modified the one for the DT200 and installed it. The parts number is 3BN-18110-00 The splines should be the same for the 3KP-18110-00 WR.

Use of sprocket holder

Changing the reduction ratio is essential to playing in the woods. The gear spline of the Chinese XTX125 is common to the Serow series, and most of the gears that can be used for Serow can be used. However, even though the splines are common, there are two types of sprocket holders that hold the sprockets in place, which may or may not be attached. To ensure a secure fit, it is recommended that you purchase a holder along with the sprocket.

Here are some more tricks behind the scenes. Instead of using the two types of sprocket holders, this method uses the stock Yamaha circlips and washers.

These two items will allow you to use the sprockets for the Kitaco TZ50 as well as the Serow system. The advantages are the large variety of fractions and the low price.

The factory part numbers are 9900-18400 and 90209-16209.

Summary of HACK

Here's a picture of a Kitaco 13T with a stock Yamaha circlip. However, you will need circlip pliers as a tool.

You'll need a new tool, but the advantage is that you can use a variety of sprockets as long as the splines fit.

Thank you, TT-R, for posting that valuable stock diversion HACK!

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