169 people surveyed! What’s your rainwear choice?


169人にアンケート調査!あなたのレインウェア選びのポイントは?What kind of bike equipment do people use?
The Webike poll answers those questions.

This time.Survey of Webike staff's personal belongingsI'm pleased to announce the results of the survey we conducted at

What kind of rainwear do riders across the country use!

What brands of rainwear do people use?

We'll start with the results of our previous survey of popular brands of rainwearSurvey of Webike staff's personal belongingsThe result was that 50% of the respondents used RS Tyche.

According to this poll, except for the others, GOLDWIN is the top brand with about 25% of the votes, followed by workwear brands with about 22%, and then RS TAICHI with 11%. It seems that GOLDWIN is the only riding wear brand in Japan that uses GORE-TEX® Barrier-free material.
I'm also seeing a lot of support for costume-oriented workwear brands.


What do you care most about when choosing rainwear?

Next is the result of a survey of the most important points to consider when choosing rainwear.
After all, the first place is "water pressure resistance", and it is meaningless if you put on rainwear and it gets soaked. Next is "moisture permeability", and we can see that the comfort of rainwear is also considered important.
The second point is "functionality for motorcycles" and the rainwear for riders has been designed in detail so that they can concentrate on riding.

When to buy new rainwear?

Finally, when to buy new rainwear.
All Webike staff indicated that they would use it until it was flooded, but in this survey, 67.5% of respondents were TOP with a similar response.

The runner-up is "when it looks fragile. "23.1%, "Regularly replace" 5.3%, Others 4.The result was 1%. After all, it seems to be more likely to use rainwear as a consumable item to be divided.

After the rainy season, watch out for guerrilla rain

It's July and the end of the rainy season is just around the corner. However, Japan's summer has become more tropical in recent years.
You want to make sure you have good rainwear in case of guerrilla rain.

If choosing rainwear is too much of a hassle for you, we also recommend the following articles.


Find the one that fits you and get through the dreaded rain!


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