DIY! How to Make Carbon Parts at Home!

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FRP and CF (carbon fiber) parts are indispensable for making a custom machine. Full-scale dry carbon parts are manufactured using special equipment and facilities, but it will be possible to make a dry carbon product or even to make DIY parts if using a commercially available material in which carbon fiber is impregnated with plastic.

Let's try to make a DIY drive chain guard.

Using CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Prepreg

Plastic-impregnated prepreg sheets can be purchased by piece, but they are not cheap. I purchased 1m x 1m for around 100 USD in the rear and front. Even so, the value of enjoying home-crafting is high. Keep frozen in a zippered bag before storing it. It never lasts long, but you can expect it to last a while. I purchased it just before working.

A matter of various ideas! Make your DIY carbon parts!

A temperature-controlled high-temperature dryer (I used Carvek CV-Junior here) allows the plastic-impregnated carbon fibers to solidify and dry. The drying temperature is 130 to 150 degrees celsius. CV Junior has temperature control from room temperature to around 200 degrees with 1-hour dial timer.

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I prepared 2 sheets of 1.5 mm thick aluminum plate bent at 90 degrees and used the aluminum plate as a mold. Prepreg sheets are originally used in vacuum forming and are not used in this way. However, I'm sure everyone would be willing to give it a try with the Sunday mechanic.

Cutting copy paper and making patterns

Copy paper is attached to the aluminum plate and the design shape is determined with a pencil. It is possible to increase the strength of the parts by bending the cut line part of the aluminum sheet into an R edge. In this case, the prepreg sheets were laminated in 4 plies.

Lightly warm the prepreg sheet by using an industrial heater in order to become soft As it becomes softer, it looks like a millefeuille according to the shape of the aluminum plate! Carbon sheets are layered on top of each other. It is also suitable for making custom-made meter panels and indicator panels for custom motorcycles.

Clamping with an aluminum plate and clip with a small screw clamp!

Since it was a plate-shaped part, I used 4 small screw clamp to fix the aluminum plate mold firmly in place and allowed it to dry thoroughly in the dryer. Only parts suitable for the size of the dryer can be made, but CV -junior size parts could be completely solidified in 1 and a half hours.

TThe strength of the part is greatly increased by adding a folded design to the headings (cut lines). If you can't bend the mold, glue a thin piece of aluminum to the mold so that it rides up the prepreg. It should be possible to change the design by setting and pressing on it.


  1. Carbon prepreg can be purchased by piece.
  2. Purchase plastic-impregnated prepreg sheets just before work since it cannot be stored at room temperature.
  3. Keep in a zippered bag in the freezer if you want to store the prepreg sheets.

Have fun with your DIY custom motorcycle making! It would be a great time for motorcycle enthusiasts. In addition, it is necessary to equip the parts according to the regulations when forming a team to enter a Sunday race or endurance race. This is when I made the DIY FRP parts and asked myself if there was anything I could do to make parts out of carbon, and all sorts of ideas and imaginations come to my mind...In such cases, it is possible to do a DIY project to "make your own carbon parts" for small parts.

Put the carbon prepreg between the molds and bake it in a high-temperature dryer for an hour (because it's a small part, 1 hour to 1.5 hours at 130-150 degrees celsius seems to be enough for drying, but I heard that large cowls are baked and dried in a large drying oven for 1.5 to 2 hours). 4 layers were used to ensure thickness and strength, but adding folds to the mold shape should increase the strength even more. You can even enjoy making these parts as a DIY project. Let's do it as a challenge!

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