The ultimate in eco-maintenance! Let’s make our own scraper out of a gold saw!

How to

Let's just sand the tips into an oyster shape, and polish them off with paper!

If any burrs appear in the piston pin clip groove during piston assembly and restoration, the piston pin will be damaged. It makes it difficult to insert the Soooooo!

Even scrap material has the potential to become a "special tool".
Even disposable "disposable chopsticks and toothpicks" can actually be useful during maintenance.

Let's make a homemade scraper by sharpening a broken and unusable metal saw.

There's no limit to the number of ways you can "make it yourself" in various forms!

In many cases, engine disassembly and reassembly can take a lot of time and effort to strip off old, stuck gaskets, but it's also fun to reuse a trash-bound metal saw or hand saw that you no longer need!

Gold saw blades that have been replaced due to poor blade sharpness generally end up in the trash. However, after cutting off the blade with a disc grinder, etc., it is possible to process the blade into a variety of shapes. You can make your own scrapers.

Breathe on a gold saw blade that is no longer available by using a double-headed grinder or disc grinder. You can infuse the! The grinding wheel should be fine. Even a commercially available scraper that doesn't cut well can be re-polished to improve its sharpness.

Safety glasses when changing the shape of the saw blade tip on a disc or double-headed grinder. The basic rule is to always wear protective equipment such as the following and use bare hands. Soak it in a glass of water when you shave, and try to correct the shape while it cools!

The material of the gold saw = hagane is the same material as the scraper

If you don't need the blades of a metal saw that you no longer need, or even a woodworking saw, you can scrape off the blades and reuse them. Available. You can use a grinder to make a variety of shapes. The homemade tools are easy to use.

Sharpen with a grinder and finish the tip of the blade with an oilstone after sharpening it with a grinder.

It can be used for deburring and chamfering various parts as well as stripping gaskets. I made it myself so I can use it to the fullest extent. I used it for beveling during pad restoration. Sounds good.

After making an approximate shape with the grinder's wheel, you can use oilstone or sandpaper to shape the blade edge. Let's finish it off by getting it in order. Depending on how you finish it, it will cut differently. You can adjust the sharpness and sharpness according to the application.

Rubber and gas gaskets and other components are used for engine disassembly as well as body maintenance Often times, the kettle doesn't come off properly and gets stuck. By using the "Gasket Remover Spray", which is a spray bottle filled with a stripper, it is possible to remove the stuck The gasket will undoubtedly flake easily and peel off easily, but it can still be removed There are many things that are not or cannot be removed.

That's when you make your own! The home-made "Golden Saw Modification Scraper" is the one that makes the work far more efficient. The body of the saw is shaped like a bow and arrow, but the blade is attached to the tool. However, after repeated use, it becomes less and less sharp. When that happens, blade replacement is the way to go, but blades are basically consumable. Then you're doomed to the trash can...........

By using such waste, you can take the plunge without having to worry about special tools or homemade scrapers. It can be made. The use of scrap materials can make tinkering with bikes more efficient. Very satisfying!

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