Kenny Sagawa Riding School [Adventure Tour Session] Held Report


On May 18 (Saturday), the school "Adventure Tour Session" for all of Webike's schools was held in the Chiba Prefecture Tobo area.

The background of the school is that we own adventure bikes behind the recent adventure bike boom but there are many owners who want to be able to run because they have less experience off road. Therefore, the theme of this session was "The first experience of dirt and" off "experience!", And we reached a school for off-road beginners.

The instructor is Mr. Kenny Sagawa who is familiar as Webike News editor in chief.

From basics in lecture

The beginning of the program is lectures.
The basics for riding on rough terrain were taught, such as riding forms unique to off-road, safe line taking on forest roads, and interventions and recommended settings for ABS and tracon intervention.

Participants were particularly interested in the “off road specialized driving mode” that began to be incorporated into recent adventure models and interventions including ABS and trucking, and questions were high.

Grab the image in a motorcycle

Following the lectures, the participants straddled their bikes and practiced how to grip the steering wheel, how to take steps, and how to use the knees and upper body.

The sample was shown in a position that all participants could see, so it seems that the participants were immediately grasping the image.

Grab a sense with touring

Finally, get on the bike and run. It is a leisurely touring while keeping in mind how to grip the handle, the position, the step work, etc. I was taught earlier. Blessed with good weather, it became a very pleasant touring.

At the break point on the way, Mr. Kenny Sagawa gave advice to the participants and asked questions about riding. Immediately after the actual driving, the content of the question is more practical than at the time of lectures and straddling classes.

Finally a forest trail experience!

This time, the theme is "the first experience of dirt and fun," Yuro-off "experience.
The forest road is a public road, and I entered the forest road after confirming "do not overdo it." This time, I stayed around the forest road around 3km, but I was able to experience the difference in attitude, braking, standing and sitting during acceleration and deceleration.

A meaningful event for off-road beginners

Go for a little adventure experience on a bike. It is difficult to step into even though I usually want to go, and it seems that lessons on forest roads and dirt roads have become valuable experiences for the participants. It was the first attempt, but it was a meaningful event with high expectations for the next event.

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