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TRICK STAR Racing Participates to EWC as “Webike SRC KAWASAKI France”


The TRICK STAR Racing has announced its participation system in the 2019-2020 EWC Series. They will participate in the race as “Webike SRC KAWASAKI France” that is collaborated with the prestigious French team “SRC KAWASAKI France” and sponsored by Webike. They will continue to participate for the championship series.

[From the press release below]

A collaborative participation with EWC Champion “SRC KAWASAKI France”

Team SRC KAWASAKI France is a prestigious French team with a long-standing history and practice actively involved mainly on endurance races, and has made great achievements in the world endurance road races.

In particular, they have won many times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Endurance Road Race and Bol d’Or 24 Hours Endurance Road Race held in France where is their home town, and they finally got the title of the EWC that they have longed-for in the last season.

The team led by Tsuruta is the fourth challenge six years after participating the 24 Hours of Le Mans Endurance Road Race in 2013 as the first Japanese private team. His team has been playing the exciting race in the position that is always aiming for the podium, such as winning the 3rd place in the Bol d’Or, 2nd place in the SST class in the Bol d’Or in collaboration with the Tati team last year, and 2nd place in the Suzuka 8 Hours in 2009.

Furthermore, Webike who is our sponsor and partner of this project also agreed to this project, and will participate in the opening race of Bol d’Or 24 Hours as the team name “Webike SRC KAWASAKI France”. The riders are Jeremy Guarnoni, Erwan Nigon, and David Checa who brought EWC champion title to SRC KAWASAKI France last season. In addition, if there is a Japanese rider who has equivalent ability with our team rider, that rider also will participate as a team member.

Please support our “Webike SRC Kawasaki France” who will participate in the 2019-20 EWC. Thank you.

Original Source [ TRICK STAR ]

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