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Top 5 Motorcycles at EICMA 2019 by Kenny Sagawa


The world’s largest motorcycle show, “EICMA 2019,” was held also this year in Milan. Webike News Editor-in-Chief Kenny Sagawa, who flew to the site, selected a model of attention from among the models actually interviewed at the venue, and ranked it arbitrarily.

First about EICMA. The EICMA, also known as the name of the Milan show, is a place for many manufacturers to announce the next season’s featured models to the world, and a so-called “world premiere” rush occurs that unveils the gathered media. It’s a time that the venue is filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

The venue “Fiera Milano” in the suburbs of Milan is quite large and is 3.5 times larger than “Tokyo Big Sight” (345,000m2). In addition, since the media and the VIPs of the motorcycle industry will visit from all over the world, the booths developed by each manufacturer are extremely large and luxurious. Therefore, the journalist also needs physical strength. The press conference for each manufacturer is set every 20 minutes, but honestly, the interview is quite tiring because each conference building is different and I have to run around the venue, lol.

Looking from an overview of this year’s EICMA, there were few press release to be distributed in advance, so there were a lot of unknown things such as what kind of model will be unveiled this year EICMA. In addition, there was also an exhibit of the emerging brands that were heard for the first time from Europe and Asia, and the world was made to feel once again that it is wide and full of dynamism.

Therefore, the following rankings were judged comprehensively based on the level of attention and impact at the venue, as well as the newness and popularity of the news. I hope you will use it as reference while having fun. In addition, we are allowed to omit the model that has already been announced prior in relation to the paper width.


HONDA declared the strongest by injecting DNA from the MotoGP machine. HONDA finally got serious!

The most attention model in 2019 EICMA is this after all! The HONDA’s flagship supersport has finally undergone a full model change. HONDA has developed the supersports in the direction to extreme riding performance in the circuit course due to inject the most advanced technology of the MotoGP champion machine “RC213V” into this model. It is actually the biggest topic that the CBR has ever break its own spell which it has consistently dominated as a street-based. In other words, the target is “the strongest circuit model”.

The newly designed water-cooled inline 4 engine adopts a titanium connecting rods and aluminum forged pistons, so the new CBR has rapidly advanced to the strongest level in the class with a maximum output of 218ps (160kW) / 14,500 rpm by its weight reduction and high rev engine. In accordance with that, the frame and the undercarriage are also reinforced and reduced in weight, and aerodynamics have also evolved, such as incorporating the wing in the duct adopted by the MotoGP machine.

Furthermore, the SP version corresponds to the high-dimensional riding by equipping the highest peak brake made by BREMBO, the electronically controlled suspension made by OHLINS, and so far. HONDA’s seriousness is illustrated by the fact that the R, which is named for the new model, has become RR to RR-R of the previous models. The HONDA Booth was one of the largest spaces in the venue, and Honda seemed to put effort into holding the new CBR press conference at another venue one day before the opening of EICMA.

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The prestigious BIMOTA is revived with a supercharged power of KAWASAKI!

The sudden announcement of “TESI H2” by KAWASAKI and BIMOTA collaboration has stunned the public attention by its topic popularity and its huge impact. This is the birth of hybrid motorcycle that is equipped the H2 series supercharged engine, the KAWASAKI’s pride, in the Bimota original chassis.

The news conference revealed that the project had been under secret development from 3 years ago, and reported details that the subsidiary company of KAWASAKI EU established in Italy acquired a trademark for Bimota and investment from KAWASAKI to conduct a joint development. KAWASAKI has offered H2 power units and electronic control systems and etc., and the Bimota has been responsible for chassis layout and design. A cheering from the audience came at the venue for the great fusion of Italian art and Japanese technology.

The detailed specs are yet to be revealed, but the center hub steering, made TESI famous, is certainly adopted to the front wheel, and ingenious ingenuity like a Bimota, such as arranging two OHLINS rear shocks in parallel inside the swing arm, is also amazing. You’ll be fascinated by the beautiful body work that uses top-quality parts like carbon and machined aluminum. Also, a huge winglet to gain a downforce implies its performance. The release date and price have not been disclosed, but it seems that the TESI H2 will be released in 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of a ride it will show to the world.

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Top 3: SUZUKI V-STROM 1050 / XT

It was a homage to the Paris-Dakar machine of yesteryear and evolved as an adventure machine

The SUZUKI’s flagship adventure tourer has been renewed as the new V-STROM 1050 / XT. The concept of “The Master of Adventure” was raised, and the potential as an adventure machine was further enhanced, such as riding ability on moutain roads and long-distance touring.

The design around the front is noteworthy. The straight line pointed beak is reminiscent of the “DR-Z”, a dessert racer who once played an active part in Paris-Dakar, and the V-STROM 1050 / XT worldview was appealed by the actual Paris–Dakar machine exhibited at the venue, and etc. This new model impresses that SUZUKI finaly joined in earnest in the adventure category.

The traditional water-cooled V-2 cylinder 1037cc engine has improved the torque at low and middle rev and the power at high rev while maintaining the same displacement, and the maximum output is also improved by 5kw. The electronic control system, such as newly adopting the latest electronic control system (Suzuki Intelligent Ride System) by the 6-direction 3-axis IMU, has also been upgraded. The V-STROM 1050 / XT has also corresponded to higher dimensional riding due to the motion track brake system by ride-by-wire, SDMS, and 3-modes traction control system, as well as a hill hold and slope control system that is effective on the slopes. It seems that undercarriage such as suspensions get only minor changes, but the new height-adjustable windscreen has been adopted. The riding position has been revised to be more like an adventure tourer.

Top 4: Harley Davidson PAN AMERICA

The first Harley Davidson adventure tourer, powered by the strongest liquid-cooled V-twin, was unveiled!

The first Harley Davidson adventure tourer “Pan America”, which has been a hot topic since last year, was finally unveiled at the EICMA! The new-generation middle range with a newly designed “Revolution Max” engine of a water-cooled 60 degree V twin 1250cc was born. As well as the 975cc street fighter “Bronx”, the Pan America gathered many galleries.

In particular, Pan-America has an impressive new and unique design that is outside the conventional category, and the maximum output of 145ps or more is achieved from the beginning compared to existing adventure models of the same class.

When I looked at the display motorcycle seriously from the vicinity, the frame was extremely compact by a steel pipe type that utilized the engine block as a rigid member. The undercarriage has became a specification to run on off-roads seriously, such as inverted front forks, a link-type rear mono-shock, Brembo radial mono-block brake calipers, and Michelin ANAKEE WILD. On the other hand, the full pannier case sets, comfortable seat and large high windscreen have asserted advanced touring performance.

As “Pan America” name suggests, it is a multi-purpose adventure tourer that can travel throughout the United States. Delivery seems to start in the second half of 2020.

Top 5: BMW F900XR

A new face appeared in the F-series. What is the potentiality of a middle sport adventure?

BMW introduced the F900XR with a parallel 2-cylinder together with the crossover model new S1000XR with an inline 4 engine. The engine based on the F850GS increased its displacement to 895cc and increased its maximum output to 105ps. The body is also combined a newly designed steel bridge type frame, which is optimized rigidity, with an inverted front forks and a swingarm made of aluminum equipped a single rear shock. By the way, the suspension travel has become a full-fledged specification with 170mm at the front and 172mm at the rear as a long suspension sport tourer. In addition, equipments such as the world’s first lightweight plastic welding fuel tank, LED lights, and TFT display of connected functions have been updated. In addition the F900XR is a full-fledged motorcycle that is prepared the Riding Mode Pro with various electronic control functions and Dynamic ESA etc. as an option.

It is noteworthy that the new potentiality of “middle engine displacement class sports adventure” was found by combining the XR with the F series that has a lightweight and compact body and light handling, and despite being the S1000 series with an inline 4 engine, its versatility is outstanding.

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Kentaro (Kenny) Sagawa

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