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Top 10 2019 Motorcycle (Rank 6th-10th) Ranked by Kenny Sagawa

Africa Twin

Happy New Year! Kenny Sagawa, the editor-in-chief of Webike news, selfishly ranked the new models that have been released last year. This ranking is a comprehensive evaluation of topics, attention, impact on society and usability. It’s just an intuitive ranking, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as a reference.

Furthermore, this is the total ranking of worldwide motorcycles. Also, pre-release models are excluded. First, I will introduce the ranking from 6th to 10th.

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Top 10 2019 Motorcycle (Rank 1st-5th) Ranked by Kenny Sagawa


Daily-use ability also evolves, while improving the adventure performance

HONDA’s Big Adventure model, the Africa Twin, has become a new model. While keeping the basic concept of “go-anywhere”, the new change is a clear separation between adventure sports for long touring and standard models that can be enjoyed off-road.

The 270-degree crank parallel 2-cylinder engine, which is increased the sense of pulse, improved the maximum output to 102ps increased 7ps by increased the engine displacement of 86cc, while the weight of the vehicle was reduced to 5kg. The CRF1100L adopts a full-color large-size TFT monitor, and the ES specification equipped with an electronic control suspension made by SHOWA is added to adventure sports in particular, and electronic control has also been advanced.

In addition, the CRF1100L is improved the foot grounding ability, which is a negative point for this type of model, by slimming the body width. It is also worthy of a wide range of options, such as a low-down specification with a seat height of 830mm, which is almost the same with on-road models, a standard specification with plenty of suspension stroke, and a DCT and a normal transmission type.

Rank 7th: MOTO GUZZI V85TT

The best comfortable motorcycle by the latest mechanism with the ’80s rally-style

The V85TT is an off-road model released by MOTO GUZZI after a long absence. The V85TT is an adventure tourer that combines the latest body and electronic controls with the traditional air-cooled vertical 90-degree V twin OHV 2-valve that has not been changed the basic layout for decades and finished with the image of a rally machine of the 1980s. The V85TT is also regarded as a “Classic Travel Enduro” by MOTO GUZZI, and it is a model for those who want to stay on a forest road and keep riding on their touring comfortably rather than riding on the dirt road more and more.

However, its engine is a completely new design, and the maximum output from the V9 Bobber with the same engine displacement of 853cc is significantly increased to 80ps. The advantage is that modern chassis and electronic control to back it up such as double disk with inverted front forks and radial brake caliper, ABS and Traction Control, full-color TFT display with 3 different riding modes are just enough. Another advantage is that the riding performance is more steady and graded than it looks, and above all, it can be controlled with a moderate size and moderate power. I think that there are many touring riders who are looking for this kind of model.

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Rank 8th: BMW S1000RR

The challenger who stepped into the new world of super sports

BMW was the biggest challenger in this year’s supersports front with little change. The newly designed flex frame is a new idea that gives the rider a sense of security and information by intentionally escaping the rigidity, and it realizes a supple ride together with a full-floater link-type rear shock. And the biggest topic will be the variable valve mechanism “shift cam” adopted for the first time in BMW. The “shift cam” achieves flat trapezoidal power from low to mid-speed to high rpm. It’s great that the top-of-the-class performance of peak 207ps being able to output in a manageable way.

I tested riding the S1000RR on the cold circuit, but it was “normally” easy to ride without toughness. Its body, which used to be large, was changed to lighter and more compact, and the footwork became more agile. The form also became elegant. Some say that its character has been weakened due to their symmetry mask, but that is a matter of taste. I’m going to bet on BMW’s decision to break out of the conventional model with a high degree of perfection and challenge a new step.

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Further evolving “safely and tirelessly to far away”

NIKEN appeared in 2018 as the first large sports model of YAMAHA’s unique leanable and turnable three-wheeled motorcycle “LMW”. The sense of security and stability as if the front two wheels were sticking to the road surface is unique to LMW, and the NIKEN GT has the great ability to easily do things that cannot be done with ordinary two wheels such as sliding the knee in the full wet condition, passing through the gap on the curb diagonally, and applying the brakes without hesitation while cornering.

Although it is innovative enough, the GT that is added to the NIKEN series this year has been taken full advantage of its overwhelming safety and peace of mind. A long tourer specification with equipment for a comfortable motorcycle trip, such as the new thick seat with good foot grounding, heated grip, 12V power supply, top case compatible grab bar, and center stand, been completed. Although the LMW technology was already complete in the NIKEN, it can be said that the GT deepened its innovative concept. Originally, I want NIKEN to rank higher.

Rank 10th: W800 STREET / CAFE


▲W800 CAFE

Here is the monument model of Japanese neoclassical.

The W800 has been revived to meet the expectations of many fans. The new model, which will be the 3rd generation, follows the and 2 types of “street” of traditional image and “cafe” with a low handlebar and the half cowl has been prepared. The classic layout of the air-cooled parallel twin SOHC 4-valve 773cc is unchanged, and the maximum output has been 52ps increased by 4ps due to the review of the intake and exhaust system. The well-ordered 360-degree crank throbbing became a fascinating sound accompanied by a wilder burst sound.

By expanded the frame pipe diameter to optimize the rigidity, its stability in the high-speed range has been improved. The undercarriage has been also enhanced, and a total upgrade has been made by expanding the front inner fork diameter from 37mm to 41mm, increasing the spring rate and damping force of the front and rear suspension, and by changing the rear brake system into a disc brake. As a result, the engine became impressive and more powerful, and the vehicle body also became safe at a level where you can attack winding roads. The distinction between “street” for comfort and suitable for city riding, and “cafe” for sports touring has become clear. There is one ideal form of contemporary riding in a nostalgic atmosphere derived from W1.

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