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“My Beloved Moto” [BENLY 50S] Restoration and Customization


Honda Benly 50S 1999

We would like to introduce the Benly 50S 1999 Model that has been ridden by Dora-chan, and which is among the latest registered motorcycle of MY BIKE.

The Benly 50S (Air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC, Single-cylinder) is a 50cc road sports model sold from 1996-2007. It is not only cool due to the classical exterior with backbone frame and horizontal engine + rotary shift (4-speed), but it is also cute because of its small size.

Dora-chan’s Benly 50S is a cafe racer style which he customized by himself. The balance of each part, including the coloring, is excellent! He got it for free as a daily use motorcycle but while restoring it, he unconsciously started customizing the machine. Now, he mainly enjoys riding it for touring.

As a custom plan in the future, he is planning to adopt the latest equipment and LED lights while following the classic cafe style. I look forward to the future of the neo-classic Benly 50S.

From MY BIKE Comments

Motivation for purchase / Purpose

I got this motorcycle for daily use and have started to restore it myself. I had unconsciously been customizing the motorcycle. I use it mainly for weekend touring. I don’t use it on rainy days.


Café racer-like appearance, Low fuel consumption, Good foot grounding, Ease of engine tuning, Manual clutch.


Since the Benly 50S is a minor model, there are few parts other than those related to the engine. It is not famous (Good for old generation). Tires are thin in OEM wheel rims, I don’t feel safe.

Future customizing plans

I want to adopt new equipments, while following the old cafe racer style. (aiming for a full LED)

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