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The “TESI H2” collaboration model of KAWASAKI and Bimota is debuted!


Fusion of the Art of Bimota and the Power of KAWASAKI.

I was in 2019 EICMA of the world’s largest motorcycle international trade fair. I visited each booth everyday for interviewing session, but the biggest news this time was the announcement of a new machine through a business alliance between KAWASAKI and Bimota.

The name of the machine is the “TESI H2”. It has been equipped with liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder 998cc supercharged engine of the H2 series which is the pride of KAWASAKI in the original chassis newly designed by Bimota. I knew that it already got the attention of media since the special corner set up next to the KAWASAKI booth was already overcrowded by them. The TESI H2, unveiled in the midst of this, was a dream-like machine that condensed KAWASAKI’s dignified power feeling and the Bimota’s philosophy that is a beautiful but avant-garde.

Fully Innovative Ideas of Unique Steering Mechanism

It was revealed at the press conference that the this project had been proceeding secretly for 3 years, and a new joint venture was established in Italy through the EU KAWASAKI to acquire the trademark of Bimota. From now on, it is the KAWASAKI who will jointly develop with Bimota in the form of providing the main components such as the engine.

In the “TESI H2” that is the first model of this project, KAWASAKI provided the H2 series power unit and electrical systems such as electronic control system and meter, and the Bimota was in charge of the chassis and the design. The specs are undisclosed, but I heard that the engine is the H2 itself. The frame structure is also unknown, but when I took a closer look at the engine hanger that looks like it acquires high rigidity, it seems to have a structure that the engine is a rigid member, but it doesn’t seem to have the omega chassis that was a characteristic of the former TESI.

The traditional “center hub steering” is what makes this machine TESI. This is a Bimota’s unique structure that supports the front wheels by a dual-held swingarm and has a steering function at the hub in the center.

Huge Winglet Appeals for Performance

In addition, the original idea that is like Bimota can be seen everywhere, such as placing the two rear shocks made by OHLINS in parallel with the inside of the swingarm. The front suspension may be actuated via a push rod like the TESI-3D. Its full fairing that gives a big impact to visitors is made by all carbon, and has been been combining the coloring like the Bimota with “origami” design like the H2.

Furthermore, the huge winglet that symbolizes the performance of H2 is eye-catching. The PV video has already been uploaded, and it seems that we can expect a considerable running performance. The expected release date and the price are not yet decided, but it seems that pre-orders have already been begun around the world. Probably, it will be released in 2020.

*The studio images shown above are from the EICMA 2019 official website.

That means that more collaboration models may appear in the future.

In fact, the TESI H2 is not the first collaboration model between KAWASAKI and Bimota. Bimota is originally a constructor company to commercialize by supplied engines from other manufacturers. Formerly, they had released the KB Series(which represents the initials of both companies) with the engine of the air-cooled Z1000 series.

In other words, if making my imagination even bigger, there is a possibility that Bimota machines equipped with KAWASAKI power units will come out one after another. Considering that the “TESI H2” was their first unveiled as the flagship model, it can be understood that it is not just a topic but it will continue as their business. The collaboration of KAWASAKI and Bimota is the greatest coupling of the century which is likely to become more and more amazing in the future. We should have expectations about their future!

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