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The Challenge of MV AGUSTA [SUPERVELOCE 800]


*The product in the photo is from MV AGUSTA Japan press release

MV AGUSTA will release new models. They have announced that the sports model the “SUPERVELOCE 800”, which combines retro style with modern performance, will be released from June, and its advanced version the “SUPERVELOCE 800 Serie Oro” will be released in Japan in May.

By the way, the Serie Oro is a beautiful limited-edition motorcycle that was exhibited in the EICMA 2018 two years ago and it was called “the Queen of the Show”, and the “SUPERVELOCE 800” has newly been added as a standard model.



The based model is the latest three-cylinder supersport “F3 800”

The engine is based on the current supersport model “F3 800” with the liquid-cooled in-line three-cylinder displacement of 798cc. It is known for its unique design, such as a counter-rotating crankshaft that cancels the moment of inertia with the maximum power of 148ps / 13000rpm, but it is said that the output characteristics are optimized for mounting to the SUPERVELOCE, making it easier to handle.

Those models are standardly equipped with 8 levels + disableable traction control, up-and-down quickshifter and a total of 5 kinds of engine modes. As for the chassis, the mainframe of steel trellis structure and characteristic side plates are common with the F3, but the front and rear subframes are exclusively designed. The riding position also seems to have been improved slightly more comfortable. Another difference from the F3 800 is that the wheel is a spoke type of special design. The MARZOCCHI inverted front forks and SACHS link-type mono-shock are also seemed to be a special type. Please refer to the manufacturer release for detailed equipment and specifications.

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MV Agusta Released “SUPERVELOCE 800 Serie Oro” Neoclassic Racer that Combines Retro and Modern Style (Japanese)

Golden Age in WGP , when Agostini was active, Revives

One of the most notable of SUPERVELOCE is its design. In contrast to F3, which looks sharp and aggressive like modern supersport, this sexy streamlined design has a retro feel. The LED single headlight embedded at the front cowl tip which is the resemblance of a rocket cowl is reminiscent of the round number seal that had been affixed to the muzzle of the old racer, and the flat side cowl and the rounded tail cowl is exactly like the ’60s style.

That is only natural because the design of SUPERVELOCE is based on the MV AGUSTA GP machine of the golden age when dominated the world road race championship from the ’60s to the early ’70s. MV AGUSTA had invested multi-cylinder models such as three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines to large displacement categories such as the 350cc and 500cc classes from early. Giacomo Agostini who was the superstar rider of the WGP at the time got with seven consecutive victories in the 500cc class and six consecutive victories in the 350cc class.

A new possibility of neoclassical supersport

The “Triple Outlet” exhaust system exclusive for the Serie Oro is particularly impressive among others. The black-painted silencer that is separated at the right (with twin silencer) and at the left (with single silencer), has a silhouette reminiscent of a retro GP racer. It can be said that it is one of the models that is an object of envy for enthusiasts, including the traditional coloring of red and silver.

While keeping the performance and function of modern supersport, the technique of making only the appearance classical is common in the custom world, but it is probably the first time that a manufacturer has actively worked on it. It is a notable model in terms of challenging the new genre of neoclassical supersport.

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MV Agusta Released “SUPERVELOCE 800 Serie Oro” Neoclassic Racer that Combines Retro and Modern Style (Japanese)

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