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Guess The Rank and Win 5,000 US Dollars Worth of Webike Point!!

FIM EWC 8 Hours Endurance in Sepang
Webike Rewarding Point Result

Position 1 Position 2 Number of Correct Answer Reward Point
per Winner
First 1 hour #21 #88 1 500USD (54,703 Point)
Second 1 hour* # – – – # – – – – – – – – –
Third 1 hour* # – – – # – – – – – – – – –
Fourth 1 hour* # – – – # – – – – – – – – –
Fifth 1 hour* # – – – # – – – – – – – – –
Sixth 1 hour #05 #71 0 0
Seventh 1 hour #07 #71 0 0
Final hour #07 #88 2 500USD (54,703 Point)
Maximum Laps 80 Laps – – – 1 500USD (54,703 Point)

*the race suspended from Second to fifth hour due to severe rain. There are no position recorded during this time and no winner of these hours.

Web!ke Japan is going to hold “Guess The Rank and Win $5,000 worth of Webike Point” on EWC 8 hours endurance race in Sepang Malaysia. There are 9 rounds to win and each will divide 500 USD worth of Webike Point by the winners of each round (Chance2:8th hour is 1000 USD worth!). Sepang 8 hours can be seen in live from certain media. You can vote while watching the race in real time or vote in advance.

EWC 8 hours Endurance Roadrace in Sepang
Dec. 14th (Sat.)
13:00 Malaysia Time
14:00 Japan Time
21:00 US PST (Dec. 13th)
6:00 Cetral European Time

There are 9 rounds, ranking of each every hour and number of maximum laps at the end of the race.
The point earn through this event will expire on end of Dec. 24th.
You will need Webike Japan account to participate to this event.


8 hours endurance starts from 14:00 Japan Stand Time (JST)! Guess and vote for the hourly ranking. The deadline of voting for every hour is 30 minutes before each hour. Be sure to check the chart and make sure you vote the deadline. A total of 5,000 USD worth of points are divided by number of correct answers. Chance2 will be 1000 USD worth of Webike Point!


Guess which team will finish in 1st and 2nd place. Vote 30 minutes before the end of the race and win 1,000 USD worth of points splited by the numbers of winners.

Guess the rank from here. Deadline:Dec.14th 21:30JST


Guess the numbers of laps the 1st place team is going to run at the end of the race. Submit 30 minutes before the end of the race and win 500 USD worth of points splited by the numbers of winners. If no exact correct answer, we will consider closet guess to be the winner.

Guess the numbers of maximum laps of the race Voting Deadline:Dec.14th 21:30JST

Race Hourly Deadline by Continents

Japan Standard Time Malaysia Time US
Pacific Standard Time
Cetral European Time Submit guess
from here
Vote close at Vote close at Vote close at Vote close at
1st hour 14:30 13:30 21:30* 6:30 Vote
2nd hour 15:30 14:30 22:30* 7:30 Vote
3rd hour 16:30 15:30 23:30* 8:30 Vote
4th hour 17:30 16:30 0:30 9:30 Vote
5th hour 18:30 17:30 1:30 10:30 Vote
6th hour 19:30 18:30 2:30 11:30 Vote
7th hour 20:30 19:30 3:30 12:30 Vote
Final hour 21:30 20:30 4:30 13:30 Vote
Number of
Max. Lap
21:30 20:30 4:30 13:30 Vote

*The Date of this time is Dec. 13th

Check All Partipating Team for EWC 8 hours Endurace in Sepang.

About Winning Webike Points

Rewarding Webike point through this event will all expire at end of Dec. 24th.

The point will be issued to the winner on 16th of Dec. The point only last until end of Dec. 24th so please use them before they expire. Customer must have or creat Webike Japan account to participate and earn Webike Point through this event. This event is for retail customer. Wholesale customer cannot participate to this event.

Customer must have Webike Japan account to participate to this event.

Event rule and regulations

  • ・Point will be issued to customers in Dec.16th.
  • ・Point issue for winning on this event will expire at end of 24th of Dec.
  • ・Provisinonal Ranking of each hour and goal is the one we consider as a result on this event.
  • ・Even if the event organizer corrects the official result, we do not correct the result to official result.
  • ※In reason to above, there is a possibility that our result may differ from EWC official result.
  • ・Due to reasons such as race interruptions, time changes, or suspended, some or all of the ranking event may not be established.
  • ・To participate, you need to have Webike Japan account.
  • ・You will need environment to access to “goolge form” to submit your answer.
  • ・Participants cannot apply with multiple IDs nor submit multiple asnwer. If such case detected we accept the first submit to be the answer or reject all answer of the round or whole event. In addition, customer can not change the vote once submitted.
  • ・Webike Point is based on Japanese Yen. We will use USD-JPY currency rate of the day we redeem point. Therefore, total point we issue may not be sum up to 5,000 USD.
  • ・Webike Japan is the official partner of the 2019-2021 season of the FIM EWC Motorcycle Endurance World Championship. (This project is brought to you from Webike Japan).
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