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[Takashi Kasori’s Column]Takashi Kasori’s Motorcycle Trip “Travelling Around Japan”

[Takashi Kasori:Adventurer, Touring Journalist]

》[Takashi Kasori’s Column] “Travelling Around Japan on Off-road Trails” 28208km/78 days

Travelled Around African Continent, 6 Continents, and Over the World…Jumped Out to the World in My 20’s

I was 20 years old when I first stepped out to the world. I travelled around whole African continent with my Suzuki’s 250cc motorcycle, TC250.

I spent the majority of my 20’s on travelling around the world, but as a reaction, I felt like travelling around Japan after coming back from the travel around the 6 continents.

After thinking this way and that, I decided to go with Japan as my theme. I set 2 major themes as I mentioned before, “mountain paths” and ” hot springs”.

I also had another theme which was “travelling all over Japan”. I could start first 2 themes, “mountain paths” and “hot springs, but I could not start travelling all over Japan right away because it was costly and taking many days to do that.

Travelling Around Japan 18981km/Visited Capes All Over Japan in My 30’s

20160914_kasori01*”Travelling All Over Japan” Courtesy visit to Suzuki’s Headquarter. I was treated to a delicious Hamamatsu eel afterwards.

I was in my 30’s when I started travelling all over Japanese which I was longing for a long time.

I left Nihonbashi with my Suzuki Hustler 50(air-cooled) on August 28, 1978. It took 64 days to go through all 47 prefectural capitals and I planned a route by making sure to visit all capes in northernmost, southernmost, easternmost, and westernmost of entire Japan. It was 18,981km total.

20160914_kasori04*Kamoda cape, in the easternmost of Shikoku.

20160914_kasori06*Cape Hedo, in the northernmost of Okinawa Main Island

20160914_kasori09*Cape Nosappu in the easternmost of the main land of Japan

There were 3 reasons why I chose a 50cc motorbike.

The biggest reason was that the speed limit for 50cc was 30km/h. I thought 30km/h was the perfect speed for traveling around Japan.

Secondary, I had somewhat adventurous spirit to challenge a long touring with 50cc motorbike. It was my first time to go for a touring with 50cc motorbike, and it was very interesting for me as a result.

The third reason was 50cc’s economical efficiency. I had 100,000 yen for traveling all over Japan. I did not have enough money, but I really wanted to go on a trip.

I talked into my wife and gathered all cash in the house. I slept in the open every day and mostly cooked out, but thanks to my 50cc motorbike I could complete 20,000km ride trip with 100,000yen.

I made up my mind to travel all over Japan regular right after my first time to do so. It was that much fun to make me feel like that.

I named this first-time ride trip all over Japan “Travelling all over Japan in my 30s”.

“L.A-N.Y-London-Istanbul-Kolkata” Travelled All Over the World in My 40s

20160914_kasori02“Travelled all around in Japan in my 40s.”Sent Hustler 50 to Los Angels, and kept riding around the world. Entering Asia from Europe by crossing Bosporus.

In my 40s, I travelled for 18,984km in 92 days (August 17, 1989 – November 16, 1989) with my HUSTLER 50(water-cooled)

I also rode this HUSTLER 50 from Los Angels, to New York, London, Istanbul, and Kolkata(August 17, 1990 – November 16th, 1990). It was 24,791km total.

Travelling Around Japan 38,571km…Felt Miracle in My 50s

20160914_kasori03“Travelled all around in Japan in my 50s.” Reached the final destination, Nihonbashi, Tokyo after 38,571km.

“Travelling All Over Japan in my 50s” started on April 1st, 1999 and ended on October 29th, 1999. I divided Japan in 2 sections, West and East parts. It was 38,571km long and took 122 days with my Suzuki DJEBEL250GPS.

In-between Travelling the West part of Japan and the East part of Japan, I passed through Tibbett with my Chinese made motorcycle. I had an accident then and was blown away for 30m, but made a miraculous return. Kasori has a very lucky fortune.

“Pilgrimage in Japan”, “Trip to the Narrow Road to the Deep North”, and “Heritage Tour in Hokkaido”… Bearing the pain in My 60s

20160914_kasori05Departing Moji station to travel around Kyushu.

“Travelling All Over Japan in my 60s” started on October 1st, 2008 and ended on December 27, 2008. It was 19,961km long and took 80 days with my Suzuki AddressV125G.

The most dreadful one was travelling around Hokkaido. I rode in the ferocious drifting snow. I did not fall on the road, but I regretfully slipped on the thick ice in the roadside station, “Sarufutsu Park”. I hit my chest so hard that I could not breathe for a while.

The pain in the chest bothered me until I finished traveling all over Japan. However, Kasori did not go to the hospital.

20160914_kasori10*Going up north on Rt. 238 in Okhotsk

A year after of “Travelling All Over Japan in my 60s” , I had “Pilgrimage in Japan”, “Trip to the Narrow Road to the Deep North”, and “Heritage Tour in Hokkaido”

20160914_kasori07*Walking on the mountain path to Todogasaki, the easternmost of the main land

In this way, I have been travelling around Japan in my 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Aside from that, I had those trips by themes as I mentioned before. “travelling around islands in Japan (March 22, 2001 – April 22, 2002), “travelling around hot springs in Japan”(November 1, 2006 – October 31, 2007), “travelling through woods paths n Japan”(May 12, 2010 – September 10, 2010)

20160914_kasori08*A scenic beauty of Rikuchu shore, “Jodogahama”

Kasori Wouldn’t Stop. Kasori Cannot Stop. Go After Kasori!

Well, “travelling all around Japan in my 70s” will be the next. It will take about 2years before it starts, but I am already looking forward to doing it.

I met many riders who told me that they also want to have a trip all over Japan. It must be something we all have in our minds and we are all longing for it. “Travelling all over Japan” is such an attractive thing for us.

Why don’t you go for a trip all over Japan someday!

Takashi Kasori

Takashi Kasori

Author profile

His motto, "Lifelong traveler!"
 Born in Tokyo in 1947. Starting in 1968, after traveling around Africa spending two years, he traveled on six continents in the world by motorcycle, Asia, Europe, Australia, North Africa and South Africa. Since then, he has done many motorcycle adventures such as crossing Siberia (with his baby) , traversing the Sahara Desert, and trying Kilimanjaro. At his age of 35, in 1982, he became the first rider to compete in "Dakar Rally". He have travelel well over 2.8 million km (40 times around the earth) and along with his journy, he achieved guineess record on visiting 3,000 hot spring in 300 days. In Japan, he also cooperate in the creating “Touring Map”, a guidebook for motorcycle touring.

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