The Long-Awaited Exhaust System, a Machine Bent GP-MAGNUM Cyclone EXPORT SPEC for CT125 Fans, is Now Available!

The CT125 has sold an astonishing 8,000 units, and the exhaust system that many of its users have been waiting for is now available. This is a sports exhaust system that matches the outdoor style of ...

Yoshimura Released a Full Exhaust System Suitable for Gixxer 250/SF250!

Yoshimura has released two types of full exhaust system for the GIXXER250/SF250, the GP-MAGNUM105, and the R-77S. It's the best combination of Suzuki x Yoshimura, which was released in November 2020. ...

“Top 5 2020 Motorcycles” Japanese Models Edition By Kenny Sagawa

Kenny Sagawa, the editor-in-chief of Webike News, has taken the liberty of ranking all the new models released in 2020. The ranking is based on a comprehensive evaluation of topics, attention, technol...
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Webike’s Best-selling Motorcycle Selection: September’s Monthly Deal Rankings!

Here's the Webike Best-selling Motorcycle Selection in September! Webike's new and used motorcycle search site, "Webike's Motorcycle Selection," is now introducing the most popular motorcycle of the m...

YOSHIMURA Releases Full Exhaust Systems for GIXXER250/SF250

YOSHIMURA has released 2 types of full exhaust system for the GIXXER250/SF250, the GP-MAGNUM105 and R-77S. Both will be schedule to released in November 2020. ◆ Machine Bent GP-MAGNUM105 Cyclone EXPOR...

The Revelation of the New Lightweight Single Sports “GIXXER 250” in this Modern Era!

SUZUKI full-cowl sports model "GIXXER SF 250" will be released in Japan on April 24th, and the Naked Type "GIXXER 250" will be released in Japan from June 17th. Let's tak

[Web Motorcycle Show] SUZUKI Booth

SUZUKI is a leading motorcycle manufacturer in Japan celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020. It has a history of introducing many cutting-edge technologies while producing hit products by origina...
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YAMAHA XSR155 Test Ride Review [Webike Motoreport]

Details and Test Ride Review The XSR155 is released by Thai YAMAHA Motor, but it has not yet been released in Japan. I got a privilege to borrow the XSR155 from a motorcycle shop, and I tested to ride...
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2019 Tokyo Motor Show Manufacturer’s Booth Gallery

We will briefly introduce the exhibition contents of motorcycle manufacturers and related parts manufacturers at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019. There are plenty of models that can not be missed, such...

Single and Multi! Recent 250cc Models Are Interesting!

The Tokyo Motor Show was worth seeing This year's Tokyo Motor Show is entertaining! Although manufacturers of exhibiting motorcycles had been only four Japanese manufacturers, the exhibition space wa...
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SUZUKI Unveiled “GIXXER SF250” and “GIXXER 250”

SUZUKI Motor Corporation unveiled the road sports motorcycles, "GIXXER SF250" and "GIXXER 250" equipped with a newly developed oil-cooled engine, the first public exhibition in Japan at the 2019 Tokyo...
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