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SUZUKI HAYABUSA: Review at the present


The SUZUKI HAYABUSA (GSX1300R) made its debut as an exclusive model for overseas markets in 1999. Although it went through a major model change only just once since 20 years from its debut, it has been firmly rooted its popularity in Japan. It has never vanished from this world even after losing such a keyword as “the fastest”. It keeps still on soaring as an exceptional long-selling sports model.

Text by Toru TAMIYA PHOTO by Satoshi MAYUMI

Great long-selling model with a gentleness and a fierceness

The evolution of motorcycle has always been closely related to the pursuit of speed in all ages. It can be said that the history of mass-production motorcycle in the ’90s began with a dream of the fastest. First came KAWASAKI announcing the 1990 ZZR1100 in the autumn of 1989 as a leader of that dream, then came HONDA chasing with the CBR1100XX Super Blackbird in 1996. And 3 years later, one of the SUZUKI motorcycles made its debut in 1999, enough to shake the world. The GSX1300R HAYABUSA is the name. The first one showed an incredible performance above the maximum speed of 300 km/h for a general production motorcycle.

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