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SUZUKI GIXXER 250SF Test Ride Review


Detail & Test Ride Reviews

The oil-cooled motorcycles that have not seen after end production of the GSX1400 are back on the market. As I was able to test drive the GIXXER 250SF, which may create a furor in the modern 250cc market, I will introduce its review.

Since the tested model this time is an overseas model, some parts such as equipment may be different depending on the released country.

1. Styling

The overall impression is similar to the GSX250R. The front view has a sharper shape. The shape of the light is quite cool when viewed from the front. It is unclear in the photo, but it looks surprisingly small and easy to maneuver around.

Overall Dimension [L x W x H]

GIXXER 250SF: 2,010mm x 740mm x 1,035mm
GSX250R: 2,085mm x 740mm x 1,110mm

[Curb Weight]

GIXXER 250SF: 161kg
GSX250R: 178kg

It is easy to know that the GIXXER 250SF is small and lightweight by comparison in numbers. Even compared to the GSX250R, the 17kg lighter body is attractive! Even women can afford to maneuver the GIXXER 250SF.

The side cowl has the logo of the “GIXXER SF” sparingly. This logo might be better to insist on a slightly larger size.

Its exhaust system of the short style has 2 dual-end.

2. Foot grounding

[Seat Height]


In case of straddling by a woman with 155cm height, she can stand up by only her tiptoe, but she said its weight is not so heavy, so she can support without any anxiety. Another positive factor is that since the handlebar position is high, the upper body of the rider does not slant forward too much.

3. Lights

Only the turn signal has an orange bulb, but the headlights and tail lights are equipped with LEDs.


When turning on the high beam, it lights up the lower center part.

▲ Low Beam
▲ High Beam

[Tail light]

The tail light is LED. When turning on only the position lamp, it lights up only the lower part.

4. Meter and gauge

The meter is an easy-to-see LCD type for both day and night. It has a shift timing lamp in the upper part. The displayed contents are the gear indicator, fuel gauge, tachometer, ODO, TRIP A / B, clock, etc., that are necessary and sufficient items.

5. Around the handlebar

The handlebar is a clip-on type but has a relatively high position. Since the riding position is not so slanted to forward, it is not so hard.

However, since the STD grip is hard and slippery, it is recommended to change these grips as soon as possible.

6. Undercarriage

The single push 2-pot caliper made by BYBRE has been equipped standardly. This brake system has enough stopping power for daily-use. The BYBRE 1 pot caliper has been adopted as a rear brake system.

The rear suspension bounces easily even in small gaps, but please understand that is the character of the GIXXER 250SF…

7. Fuel tank

GSX250R: 15L

The fuel tank capacity of the GSX250R is larger than the GIXXER. However, 12L tank capacity will not be much of a problem in the touring.

8. Seat

The seat is the separate type with the pillion seat that is thick. And the grab bar is also equipped, so pillion riding can be done without any problems.

In addition, the first aid kit familiar to Indian motorcycles is also equipped behind the pillion seat.

9. Mirrors

The mirror is foldable, but since there is no fixed position that stops quickly, it is quite troublesome to adjust the position every time you fold. However, the mirror shape is good because it is easy to see behind.

10. Test ride review

When I actually ride, I am surprised at how light the GIXXER 250SF. And I was surprised by its good response from the start of riding. I did not expect that I would be surprised twice in the start-up of engine behavior.

The riding response reminded me of the feeling when I rode on the Ninja 250SL because it was a single cylinder. You can enjoy the power of riding briskly with lightness and good response as assets. For those who want to ride lightly on winding such as mountain pass, the GIXXER 250SF may be better than the GSX250R.

Although there was no major complaint in the high-speed range, the GSX250R felt less vibration and more comfortable. Because the windscreen is low, the windproof performance is not so high, and the high-speed riding performance increases the tactics distribution to the GSX250R.

I used it on my usual commuting to work, but I was able to travel without the stress of acceleration and deceleration. You can also enjoy traveling on commuting roads with a lot of stop and go. It is a nice feeling that it can be used in various ways.

11. Price

The price is around 3400USD. As the 250cc model, it is exceptional!!

12. Summary

What I thought after riding was, “It’s very good”. There are some parts that feel a subtle cost reduction such as the undercarriage ability, but that is enough considering the price. It is perfect for first time motorcycle owner. This is an option as 2nd motorcycle by some owners with a big motorcycle. GIXXER 250SF is a motorcycle that can be used more versatile than it looks!

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