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Stunt Rding by BMW F800R


Last month , I had opportunity to do stunt riding by BMW F800R for BMW 100 Anniversary party at BMW Tokyo bay. This was so big project for BMW and this offer made me so happy. Because to ride on BMW is special meaning for stunt rider.

Last year , One of the legendary stunt rider retired stunt riding who called Chris Pfeiffer. He was 45 years old. He made a lot of culture , trick and success in world stunt riding scene and he gave all stunt riders success dream. When I was young , maybe 7 or 8 years ago, I went to watch his stunt riding show in Japan. It was sensational for us. It became to unforgettable matter for me even now.

And His success gave me great opportunity now!!


This time , I rode on a BMW F800R. I spent during one month for this bike modify to stunt bike and practice.

Exhaust is WR’S , Engine oil is Panolin , Chain is DID. I set up handbrake and engine cage. And also set up big sprocket for stunt riding.

We had a big party in night , and there were many shows on the special stage in the building.

This is fashion show. There were many celebrities, entertainers and TV cameras. Finally I could understand how big of this event after saw this situation.


With Mr Seiji Ara and Mr Jörg Müller.
They are Super GT Team Studie Drivers and Mr Jörg is BMW official driver from Germany. We performed together at outside asphalt track!!


Super GT Car. They are driving this car.

Mr Jörg rode my bike , He looked interested in motorcycle.
And I talked with him a lot. So , He also knew Chris Pfeiffer.
Because Chris Pfeiffer is BMW official rider and German. He told me “I had met and talked with Chris Pfeiffer when BMW event in Germany.”

World is small!!


My show was good. I don’t have enough time for practice on F800R , But bike was good. that’s why I could ride well in front of big crowd!!


One had wheelie circle

Hand drag no hand zero

One had wheelie circle

Thank you for coming to watch my show!!!

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