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Singapore stunt trip for Singapore Bike Show!!

写真 2017-08-19 19 39 16

Last weekend , I’ve visited Singapore for stunt show.
This time , I was invited by Mah Private Limited for the Singapore bike show.

写真 2017-08-20 12 36 11

And French rider Julien Welsch was invited too who is one of my best international stunt friend.
Because he always took care of and helped me in France and challenged many contest in Europe together.
What is more , Aaron invited by Motul came from USA too. He also helped me a lot in USA for US open championship XDL.

Julien Welsch
写真 2017-08-17 13 45 18
Aaron Twite
写真 2017-08-19 15 00 20

That’s why this event was special situation for me. Thank you for giving me great opportunity!!

First day of visiting Singapore.
I met Julien at the Mah shop’s pit. And he was already working about his stunt bike.
写真 2017-08-17 11 32 29

This is Singapore bike that I rode.
I love this design , Looks Asian style and very cool.
写真 2017-08-17 12 25 10 (1)

写真 2017-08-17 12 40 36 写真 2017-08-17 12 40 32
写真 2017-08-17 12 40 41 (1) 写真 2017-08-17 12 40 49 (1)

My bike had problem that was broken throttle position sensor and that problem made big problem for the stunt riding , especially wheelie circle.
But this problem was fixed by Mah super mechanics! Thank you very much!!
We spent all one day for this problem. I had to get used to ride on Triumph because of this bike is different from my Japan bike and especially engine characteristic was so different. But I could get used to ride soon better than I thought , because I had ridden on this same Street Triple 3 times in times past.
写真 2017-08-17 19 09 58

Appearance of Singapore bike show.
There were many motorcycle relationship booth and bicycle booth too. Because bicycle is getting popular little by little in Singapore.

写真 2017-08-19 12 51 36 写真 2017-08-19 12 51 41
写真 2017-08-19 12 52 23 写真 2017-08-19 12 53 07
写真 2017-08-19 12 58 07 写真 2017-08-19 13 01 39

Ok , Let’s post some riding pictures!!

No hand wheelie : Photo by Ahmad Iskandar Abdullah
写真 2017-08-21 19 30 16 (1)

Tandem Wheelie circle
写真 2017-08-21 19 30 29

Drift : Photo by iamnotwan
写真 2017-08-19 19 39 16

Made burnout around the fire with three of us.
写真 2017-08-21 19 30 37

Aaron , stoppie & Hi Five!!

Julien , Hand drag sitting wheelie circle!

After stunt show , We had photo session with fans.
写真 2017-08-19 16 31 16

After photo session , autograph meeting in the Mah booth!
写真 2017-08-19 16 55 34

Next day of after finish the stunt show , we headed to radio station for appear on live.
To speaking in radio on live is very hard work for my English skill.
But , Julien and Aaron helped me so I just answered only easy question.
写真 2017-08-21 12 07 47

After radio live , we went to sightseeing around the Marina Bay.

I had already came to Singapore 3 times and also Aaron had came more than me , so this time’s main guest is Julien.

写真 2017-08-21 13 41 43 写真 2017-08-21 16 14 13
写真 2017-08-21 13 09 17 写真 2017-08-21 15 01 57

写真 2017-08-22 6 53 08

This trip was one of the best trip entire my stunt life because I could travel and make show with two best stunt friends Julien and Aaron. Additionally Mah Pte Ltd hospitality was perfect and awesome!
I could spend really special time in Singapore , Thank you very much!!

Finally I would like to post most favourite picture during my Singapore Trip!!

Aaron Twite :
Julien Welsch :
Hiroyuki Ogawa :



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Hiroyuki "OGA" Ogawa, Stunt Rider.

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