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2020 Evolution of HONDA Africa Twin “1100cc” Engine Displacement Upgrade!


Got a detailed report of the next Africa Twin! It corresponds with the new regulations of the Euro 5 and improves AFRICA TWIN identity to develop further long-run toughness by increasing the engine displacement, and it’s STD evolution. It is expected to release in November 2019 and introduced in the market in 2020.

Attractive upgrade with the latest equipment along with the Euro-5 correspondence!

The current AFRICA TWIN, which made its debut in 2016, has name after inspired based on consecutive victory of Paris-Dakar Replica. It was a hit model with the off performance surpassing the rival and nimble running of on-road. AFRICA TWIN makes a further leap for 2020 model to meet the previous model with 4 years successive victory. In the 2018 year model, it added a big minor change and a full-scale tank of adventure sports.

It has been rumored already in various places but the Parallel-Twin has a definite increase in engine displacement. According to sources, “from the 998cc to 1100cc, the model name will be CRF1100L”. As with the BMW R1250GS and Ducati Multistrada 1260, the method corresponding to next Euro 5 Emission Gas Regulation is increased by the exhaust volume. Also, the patents that promote warm-up during startup and reduce exhaust gas have also been published based on the heart of Africa Twin.

“The guards and seat rails are strengthened, and it gets harder” although there is no significant change in design. And above all, the biggest attraction is on the face appearance.

While following the LED 2-Lens headlights, the current type of black border removal was abolished, and the light and the cowl were turned into a flash surface. “The refinement is further improved” and it has a slightly larger size. In addition, it seems to be some kind of trick that gives a strong impression to the headlights.

In the tourer, it is a newly adopted design of cornering light during propagation. It is not a side cowl, but a compact lamp built into the outside under the headlights” (from the source). It also enhances the comfort of the motorcycle without compromising its aesthetics. In addition to adventure sports, it seems that the long-awaited semi-active suspension will be added.

It is also expected to expand the fuel tank capacity. In the current sales, adventure sports are more popular than STD. So the STD of capacity 18L could be the same 24L tank as Adventure Sports.
Then the Adventure will be even more bigger?

Anyway, the next model will increase its attractiveness as a good tourer.

Do you like a BMW GS wide-body version as well?

The latest trend has strengthened the key points! The normal evolution has suppressed the point!

The bluetooth is no longer an essential piece of equipment

Cornering Light is compactly integrated

Will this appear? It is an automatic low-down when stopping

Improved characteristics while supporting environmental performance

Expansion of Fuel Tank Capacity

Bumper to Reinforcement Specification

Separate Seat Rail & Pannier Case Bracket

Tubeless Tire

Id like to say that the “Price Deferred” in this content!

It’s also good news that the equipment will be even tougher. With the introduction of the new Pannier Case supported by the bracket, the seat rail of the Truss Shape is new. It seems to be an Aluminum Square Pipe from the current Steel Round Pipe.

The skid plate which defends the bottom of the engine is a more robust design, and a newly designed guard such as the bumper of the Adventure Sport is reinforced. Also, for current tube tires, it is a pattern to wear cross spoke + tubeless in all models.

With regard to the Electronic Control System, the introduction of IMU (Inertial Measurement Sensor) is certain with the adoption of cornering lights. If so, can you also get effective Cornering ABS even while braking mid-turn? Also, there will be a possibility of introduction of cruise control, which is expanding adoption, full-color LCD, and cooperation function with Smartphone.

In addition, there is also information that “The Seat Height is Lowered”. The details are unknown whether it was due to a New Seat Rail or a change in Suspension. However, there is a possibility that the automatic adjustment function of the Motorcycle height will be installed by the adoptation of the Electric Suspension of Adventure Sports. However, SHOWA has announced a new mechanism to automatically lower the chassis height when the motorcycle is stopped. Once this is installed, you can feel free to ride AFRICA TWIN because it accomplished two different things to ensure movement performance.

The next AFRICA TWIN is just evolving normally including the current trend without missing. On the other hand, it is the price that matters. The current type of STD costs 1,386,720 yen or more, and one of the reasons for the popularity of Adventure Sports is the cost performance that surpasses its rivals at 1,556,280 yen or more. It would be great if this kind of equipment was close to “Price Deferred”, but the luxury Adventure Sports will be somewhat more expensive, and the STD will stay affordable.

The release date of this magazine expected in November 2019. It is rumored that both STD and Adventure Sports will be launched at the same time. There is a high possibility that the actual model will be the center of attraction at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of October!

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ] (*Japanese)

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