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Pick-up Review

Compact foldable, washable, dry-off boot stand.

Evaluation: ★★★★★

ありそうで無かった便利な棒!もうブーツの自然乾燥でイライラしないで済む!【週刊インプレ No.140】

Off-road boots get washed!
After washing, they need to be dried.
But it's surprisingly difficult to keep them at an angle that allows the water inside to drain out easily due to the center of gravity.
Even if you use a beer case, it may fall over.

I saw that a fellow off-roader was using a boot stand and also used it during high-pressure washing, so I copied him and bought one.

I was a little worried because Unit, the seller of this product, offers two types of folding and non-folding types, but I decided to go with this one, which can be folded compactly without tools.
When I tried it, I found that it is easy to wash.
First of all, it is easy to wash, and water drains out easily. It is also stable enough.

Even after drying, it can be used as a boot keeper in its original state.
However, the handle is hard to hold for carrying, and a fixed T-handle part would be good here.

Since my offline friend has a fixed type (E8020 Boots Wash Stand With Handle), I took a comparison photo as a reference for the difference in shape.

I don't know about its strength and durability, but I think it can be used for the foreseeable future because of its simple construction. If it breaks, it looks like it could be welded and fixed.

ありそうで無かった便利な棒!もうブーツの自然乾燥でイライラしないで済む!【週刊インプレ No.140】

It can be washed in this form and dried and stored as is.

ありそうで無かった便利な棒!もうブーツの自然乾燥でイライラしないで済む!【週刊インプレ No.140】

It is so compact when folded.

ありそうで無かった便利な棒!もうブーツの自然乾燥でイライラしないで済む!【週刊インプレ No.140】

Comparison with fixed type with handle

This is a review of a stand that solves the difficulty of drying off-boots that probably all off-road riders feel. The best part is that there are comparison photos with the fixed type owned by a friend of mine, so it's easy to know which one to buy!

It takes courage to spend (approx.) 35 USD for something that is only for drying boots and is unlikely to be used for any other purpose, but if you have ever turned over a pair of boots you thought you had finished drying and found water coming out (almost everyone has), you are sure to be very satisfied. As you can see from the picture, the angle at which the water seems to drain out is also perfect

If you just want to dry your road boots or off-road boots on your balcony at home after returning home from an off-road race, we recommend the fixed type; if you want to dry submerged boots in the paddock at an enduro race, we recommend the foldable type. (From Webike Staff: Kadowaki)


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